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  • Happy New Year! Fig Resolutions, anyone?

    Happy New Year everyone! I'm so glad to have found the forum--these are my fig resolutions for 2016:

    1. Root at least 15 new cultivars (of 28 received)
    2. Share free cuttings with at least 5 newbies next season
    3. Gift at least 5 fig trees to family and friends
    4. Do not drive hubby crazy talking about figs and fig friends and trades and the forum and fig articles and fig espaliers...

    #4 is going to be a hard one.
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    Zone 7a in Virginia

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    #4 is the hard one Sarina, but if you can't drive your loved ones crazy then who can you? I got an "I Love Figs" tee shirt last year for Christmas because of #4....you get odd looks when you wear that out of the house! I'm kind of saving it for when I hand out fig trees now
    Greg, Maine, zone 5. Wish List: Green Michurinska