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  • New Jersey Giant fig

    At Times Square , New York is hosting 1 million people celebrating New Year’s Eve Thursday night (waiting for the count down)

    here is the count down time :

    At the same moment, here is Dallas Texas, I am savoring a drop of honey from a cutting named New Jersey Giant that I bought on Ebay on Dec 16, was delivered by USPS on December 19, 2015 .
    Using sand as rooting medium . Ten days later, tiny green things appear----> sign of life.
    On December 31, at counting down time, one of the cutting oozes a drop of honey
    I taste it. It is SWEET , like honey.

    I never expect something like this . Usually the honey is oozing from the ripe fruit

    The oozing honey from a cutting ! Amazing !

    Thank you, God, for your first blessing to me in the very first second of the new year of 2016
    LIFE WILL BE GOOD, from now on ...
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    Mai this is exactly what I had oozing from two of my cuttings that I posted about maybe 2 weeks ago either here or on F4FF.. Can't remember which forum right now for sure, but my thoughts were that it looked very much like honey or syrup! I have been very puzzled about what it could possibly be.. No mold at all and the little beginnings of green popping out on the cutting to show it was coming to life. Now both of these cuttings have exploded with life, and are doing probably the best out of all of them.. So glad you posted this experience that you had, i should have tasted it too! Lol! I like your interpretation of its meaning as well, "LIFE WILL BE GOOD"! Amen to that.. Welcome 2016!
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      Have never seen that before. Wonder what causes it and if it can be made to happen. Super interesting.

      Makes me wonder if there's anyway to tap a large fig tree for this honey like substance?
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      • GregMartin
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        I'd like to think if this is possible we'd be able to find some information on it, but who knows. I do tap a few of my maple trees each year. The smells in the house when you finish boiling down the sap is pretty addicting. This year I'm planning to use the freeze method to eliminate most of the boiling.

        It's probably not variety dependent, but which variety of fig had this happen for you Jamie?

      • Jamie0507
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        Ohh gosh Greg that sounds amazing, I could imagine the smell of maple syrup cooking down would be heavenly! I've always wanted to try the maple syrup tapping, and actually have scoped my neighborhood out looking for a big enough tree but no luck whatsoever 😥.. But as far as the variety that I had dripping syrup, it was only the Emerald strawberry cuttings that did it.. I checked them all after seeing it, but they were the only cuttings that had it.. A very curious thing..

      • GregMartin
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        Yeah, there's tones of vanilla and caramel and maple and....I don't know, just wonderfulness.

        Thanks for the variety name. I really hope we can figure this out. I'm assuming pressure is being built internally and enzymes are converting stored carbohydrates into sugars to support the pushing out of the buds and roots. If that's the case then maybe this can be "tapped" somehow in the spring just before dormant trees push their buds out. How good does this stuff taste Mai?

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      I have never to see tis myself. Normally when fig make sap is white and no Heath to eat or get on skin. You are sure is fig tree cutting and maybe no mixed up with different fruit tree? I no say is no possible fig do tis I just not sure. Because I never see tis
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      • maimai2
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        During this period of the year I just do figs rooting and no other type of fruit trees . I always put label and mark (with permanent ink) on the sides of the pot then group them together . So absolutely no mix up .

        I do not know who the seller (fathog987) is but he is going to get a good sale from my post . Would you please step in and tell us more about this New Jersey Giant fig ?

        Remember the poem that I wrote not long ago ? I called for Divinity to beam me up . That drip of honey on the very first second of the new year is an answer to my prayer ....

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      I've certainly had pruning cuts leak clear sap in the Spring when the figs are coming out of dormancy. It seems that these wounds need to heal before the pruned tree starts to put out new leaves. My guess is that this will be the same with your cutting. Keep us posted.
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        Picture copied from Ebay
        Do someone here recognize the man with white beard ... Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing.
        2 cuttings unknown new jersey giant well over 100 grams the 1 in hand is a least 130 grams was the size of a pear


        • Jamie0507
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          Wowee! That's a big one!!

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        that's mine mia , and that's my mother holding the fig ..its a great fig does very well in ground


        • GregMartin
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          Roughly when does it start ripening for you bigfig and what's the coldest temperature it's taken without dieback? It's a beauty.

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        Last night I already enjoyed that drop of honey and cleaned the surface of it, but this afternoon another drop of honey !

        close up

        Two more surprises !
        Today I check on my Old Brooklyn Italian cuttings bought on Ebay and started to root it on December 14, 2015
        here are the cuttings:

        and I could not believe my eyes ....
        Now is January 1st, 2016, the cuttings bear figlets (this big) instead of leaf buds !

        Open another bag . This variety is Riviera also have figlets !!!!

        Put the two of them side by side

        Life is sweet ...


        • lifigs
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          It looks like you are using two different growing medias. What are you using for the Riviera cuttings?

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        For the Riviera , I use coarse sand bought at Home Depot (PaveStone)