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  • in Rooting Mode

    In the process of rooting the following varieties;

    Morisca ..Carlina Negra.. Cal de Coud.. Verdal Siciliana.. De Saul Roduni Juny.. Albacor Molla Vermella.. Andreva.. Bec de Perdiu.. Bordissot Negra Rimada.. Porquenca Negra.. Porquenca Blanca.. De L'Amporda.. De Capella.. Verdal Negra.. De La Plata.. de Coa Negra.. Granadina.. Capoll llaro.. Giganita.. Miratona.. Banyols... Cuiro de Bou.. Alicantana Negra.. Blava.. Molla Vermella.Calderona Miner ..Martinenca Rimada.. Albacor Molla Blanca.. Lebanese Red.. CDDB.. Perretta.. Breva Negra.. CDDB. Sbayi.. LSU Red ..LSU Orourke.. LSU Champagne .. LUV.. galicia negra..

    It is very challenging here.. fungus
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    I started counting through your list to see how many of them I'd even heard of. Sounds like a precious collection, best of luck!

    Galicia Negra is supposed to be a bear to root. Keep an eye on that one. My only failure to root anything so far this winter was three precious GN cuttings. They rotted more quickly than anything I'd seen before, despite best efforts.
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      That's quite a few varieties that I haven't heard of before.

      Do you spray them with any fungicides? I've been having some issues with a white fungus on some of my cuttings. A 10% bleach solution or daconil seemed to take care of it and they are rooting and leafing out.

      Good luck with them.
      Don - OH Zone 6a Wish list: Verdolino, Black Celeste


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        Most of them from Spain. Collection from Monserratt Pons


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          What a wonderful collection--best of luck!
          Zone 7a in Virginia


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            Good luck with your cuttings thats a nice variety
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