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  • LSU Scott's Black Fig Tasting

    An excellent LSU variety.


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    One of my favorites. I generally like them ripe but not over ripe personally.
    Don - OH Zone 5b/6a

    Wish list: @Your favorite fig and Black Ischia UCD, Zaffiro, Craven's Craving, Izmir/Iznot, Thermalito, Kesariani, Calderona


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      A ripe Scott's Black is an excellent fig.
      Zone 9b
      S of Tampa Bay, FL


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        Nice view Lance!


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          I’m excited to maybe taste this one next year.
          Willamette Valley Oregon, zone 8b. WL: zaffiro, Black Tuscan, rodgrod, campaniere, CLBC, de la Gloria, thermalito, del sen juame gran, Sangue dolce, St Martin, Jack Lily, vincenzo, verdolino, hmadi, Syrian dark, raasti


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            Scott's Black is a really nice fig, good production and looks and taste great. Unfortunately seems to want to split for me here but it's still worth trying to get a few
            JLB zone 8b south Mississippi. Wish list really good figs thay don't split with all this dang humidity


            • Mangoman
              Mangoman commented
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              That is strange! I have it here and it is one of the few that will not split. Even through 20 days of continuous rain

            • JLB
              JLB commented
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              Mangoman last year was the first and only year I had fruit and it was a splitter. This year no fruit due to transplant set back it was in ground 8ft tall and I dug it up and potted it. But I'm not sure if splitting was from rains or the nightly humidity I would love to get good figs I really like this variety

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            I’m just not sure what it is about your videos but I like watching them, maybe it’s that you spend a lot of time on the fruit characteristics after you half it. I watch everyone’s just for fun. Curious what personality puts out videos next! Great job
            8a/8b = 86 In-ground trees (2011) & 30 in 25 Gallon Pots (2018)

            "It isn't over till I'm all figged out"


            • Lance
              Lance commented
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              Thanx. I just try to include what I would like to know. I feel like I sometimes miss some things. Are there additional characteristics I should be including?

            • backyardfigs
              backyardfigs commented
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              Lance I’m no expert. But I like to hear about eye which you cover. I like when people talk about skin taste and chewy or etc. Also I would to know if the taste lingers. Which I I have found with many of mine. Example black Madeira is just like a candy taste after a while. My rdb for some reason 5 seconds turns kinda of vegetable like. I have a one Celeste that makes my tongue sizzle. Weird I know. Wonder if anybody else gets these aftertaste.

            • Lance
              Lance commented
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              Good to know.