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  • LSU Scott's Black Fig Tasting

    An excellent LSU variety.

    Talladega National Forest, Alabama, 7b, 616-814 chill hours

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    One of my favorites. I generally like them ripe but not over ripe personally.
    Don - OH Zone 5b/6a Wish list: @Your favorite fig and Zaffiro, Craven's Craving, Izmir/Iznot, Kesariani, Calderona, Campaniere

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      A ripe Scott's Black is an excellent fig.
      Zone 9b
      S of Tampa Bay, FL


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        Nice view Lance!


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          I’m excited to maybe taste this one next year.
          Oregon, Z 8b. WL: zaffiro, campaniere, thermalito, DSJG, verdolino, Green mich, rubado, sodus Sicilian, Burgan, petravaca bijela, valle negra, fiorone di ruvo, st. Martin, qudsaya, cherry cordial, cul d’asse, grise de st Jean, iznot, salce, verdal negra, BNR, RDS, PR


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            Scott's Black is a really nice fig, good production and looks and taste great. Unfortunately seems to want to split for me here but it's still worth trying to get a few
            JLB zone 8b south Mississippi. Wish list really good figs thay don't split with all this dang humidity


            • Mangoman
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              That is strange! I have it here and it is one of the few that will not split. Even through 20 days of continuous rain

            • JLB
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              Mangoman last year was the first and only year I had fruit and it was a splitter. This year no fruit due to transplant set back it was in ground 8ft tall and I dug it up and potted it. But I'm not sure if splitting was from rains or the nightly humidity I would love to get good figs I really like this variety

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            I’m just not sure what it is about your videos but I like watching them, maybe it’s that you spend a lot of time on the fruit characteristics after you half it. I watch everyone’s just for fun. Curious what personality puts out videos next! Great job
            8a/8b = 86 In-ground trees (2011) & 30 in 25 Gallon Pots (2018)

            "It isn't over till I'm all figged out"


            • Lance
              Lance commented
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              Thanx. I just try to include what I would like to know. I feel like I sometimes miss some things. Are there additional characteristics I should be including?

            • backyardfigs
              backyardfigs commented
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              Lance I’m no expert. But I like to hear about eye which you cover. I like when people talk about skin taste and chewy or etc. Also I would to know if the taste lingers. Which I I have found with many of mine. Example black Madeira is just like a candy taste after a while. My rdb for some reason 5 seconds turns kinda of vegetable like. I have a one Celeste that makes my tongue sizzle. Weird I know. Wonder if anybody else gets these aftertaste.

            • Lance
              Lance commented
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              Good to know.