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  • Fig cuttings from overseas ebay sellers

    I've seen several posts on eBay scammers along the upper east coast, but I am wondering if anyone has any experience with eBay sellers from other countries. I see several beautiful figs for sale from Spain, Israel, Turkey and other countries as well. Is it legal to buy from these countries or will the cuttings be confiscated on arrival? Or are these sellers scammers as well? Any help would be appreciated.
    Edward - Edgewater, Florida (Zone 9b)
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    Cuttings purchased overseas from ebay are reported by ebay to the USDA. It is illegal to import plant material without proper inspections and licenses to prevent the spread of pests and diseases.

    The USDA will, sooner or later, seize the material you purchased and have the right to seize others items that may have been compromised.

    Don't do it, most figs are in the US already.
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      Listen to Kelby, this is not a road you want to go down. Many have been burned already.
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        Good to know. No overseas purchases. Thanks guys.
        Edward - Edgewater, Florida (Zone 9b)
        Wish List: Holy Smokes, U. Prosciutto, Ham Rham, Labritja


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          That would be horrible to lose the cuttings you bought to the USDA, but losing other plants in your collection as well would be devastating. Definetly not worth the risk. I have read on another forum that there have been people busted before, so it's not a myth.