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  • Fruit on cuttings?

    Anyone ever have fruit on a cutting? Just looked closely at one of my cuttings, and I see two tiny figs coming in! I'm guessing I should snuff them out so that it focuses energy on root and leaf production, but I'm also really tempted to see what happens...
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    It happens pretty often. You should remove them, as sad as it is.
    SE PA
    Zone 6


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      Yes, as Kelby said.. remove them. Typically leaving them to see what happens results in the loss of the cutting.
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        They should be removed for the reasons you stated. The figs will sap energy from leaf and root production.

        Once a new cutting has many leaves/roots it is ok to leave them on although some people remove all figs the first year.

        Hope it roots well.
        Kevin (Eastern MA - Zone 5b/6a)


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          That cutting will bud out root and leaf very fast. Sadly remove fig but smile to known you have a very excited tree!
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            If you don't remove them, they will remove themselves.
            Eatonton, GA zone 7b/8a