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  • Bucket Cloner - Plant Cloning & Propagating Machine

    Anyone interested in cloning cuttings, here is a complete set up at not too bad a price.

    Zone 9 Houma LA in the bayou land.

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    Have you ever used this cloner? And excuse my silly question, can I clone just about anything?


    • Merle
      Merle commented
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      Being in Los Angeles with so many grow shops, you should be able to find a good deal on one of the top brand rectangle cloners. I prefer Turbo Klone and I paid around $155 for the T24. But I love finding plants in the wild and cloning them, no matter the species, so price was totally worth it for me and I have been having a blast cloning conifers. Fun stuff!

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    A lot of users complain that the water gets too hot in these 5 gal cloners. When you jump up to the 30+ station cloners there's enough water so it doesn't get hot enough to cook with.

    And, no,
    Cheekyjen, you can only clone plants from cuttings, not you, your housekeeper or your pets. And not all plants are easy to clone from cuttings. Many people have used similar cloners with good results. Search for a thread started by Snaglpus
    Bob C.
    Kansas City, MO Z6