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  • Cats and figs dont mix

    I think my son left the door open too long.
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    Coastal NC, humid 8A

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    My wife's cat in my house has not bothered my figs, YET.
    St Louis County, MO Z6B


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      I recognize that biting pattern, lol. One of my cats was about to chew on an indoor plant just a couple hours ago. I went out and brought in some fresh grass for it to eat instead. Dry catnip also works.
      SoCal, zone 10.
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        Oh dear. My cats been mostly good with the figs so far...she mostly goes for feet. I'm sure they will recover.
        NC Zone 7a-b


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          I won't lie...we brought our LSU purple in last winter, and our cat LOVED it. I mean...she would just stare at the tree for hours. When she wasn't staring at it, she was rubbing against it or sniffing it. It leafed out super early (like...early Feb), and she never once tried to eat it. I think we have the only cat that doesn't like to eat foliage.

          As a bonus, we brought the blueberries inside for a few days when they were blooming and it was going to get down to the low 20s one night. She went from flower to flower and sniffed them over and over and over. I like to think I got a few extra berries because our cat was a pollinator for them.
          Brett in Athens, GA zone 7b/8a


          • Yeehova
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            I am open to the possibility of a cat trade.

          • brettjm
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            Yeehova....maybe a cutting? Can you root a cat?

          • Yeehova
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            Ouch! Either I am horrible at cat rooting, or the technique is different from figs. There is much more noise involved so far. Time will tell.