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  • How to use advanced search and tags

    This is a short guide to using advanced search and tag functions to better find information on the forum. The forum is less than 1 year old and has over 2,500 topics and 35,000 posts. That is a lot of information to dig through!

    In my experience, the search function built into Ourfigs is superior to use than those on other forums and does not require searching through Google. Additionally, searching through Ourfigs does not return any hits on items in people signature wish lists, a problem that plagued searching through other forums and by Google.

    In the upper right hand corner of the Ourfigs screen (no matter where you are in the forum), there is a search bar. You can punch in whatever you may be looking for there, however you might get more results than you expect. If you click on "Advanced Search", there are many options to hone your search. These options can be used individually or mixed and matched for extra accuracy.
    • Keywords - Looking for info on a certain variety, enter it here. Clicking on "Title Only" can be useful in finding topics specific to that topic but may eliminate information buried within other topics. Having clear titles on your posts you can help others find your posts in the future!
    • Members - Find posts by a specific member.
    • Tags - Tags are a very powerful search tool. More information below.
    • Date Range - Find posts within a date range.
    Tags are a method of applying a label to posts to make them easier to find in searching. Myself and other moderators are working through old posts and applying tags to them. Searching by tags can bring in a broader range of topics than one may find by using keywords. While more tags are being added as we see a need, here is a current list of tags available:
    air layer middle east
    ants mist
    asia mold
    beds moss
    breba offered
    buds ot
    coir pests
    cold hardy potting soil
    commonplace propagation
    containers rain
    cutting rare fig
    dormancy ripen
    ebay ripening
    espalier root hormone
    european rooting
    flower rust
    free sand
    fruit scales
    fungicide seeds
    fungus sip
    grafting soil mix
    green house temperature
    heater tips
    heirloom unknown
    humidity vb
    in ground vigorous
    insecticide wanted
    label water rooting
    lighting winterization
    To search by tags, enter the tag you want to search by and press enter, a small blue X will appear next to the tag. There is also an option to select from popular tags just below the entry bar. Multiple tags can be used in a search, but most topics only have 1-2 tags at this time.

    Any questions, class?
    SE PA
    Zone 6

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    It get better. If you're in the 'messages' or 'inbox' section, it searches your messages!

    Also, since I can't leave a comment, what are vb, mg and wanted watering?

    humidity vb
    in ground vigorous
    insecticide wanted
    label water rooting
    lighting winterization
    Bob C.
    Kansas City, MO Z6


    • Kelby
      Kelby commented
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      I believe vb is for vBulletin, that's the host of the forum. mg should be miracle gro, wanted and watering are separate, the table was fighting me on formatting.

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    Are we able to tag our own posts? I haven't seen that option.
    Don - OH Zone 6a Wish list: Verdolino, Black Celeste


    • eboone
      eboone commented
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      Don, when you create a new topic there is a box below the text box to enter tags. Clicking in the tag box brings up a list of the 'premade' tags but I believe you can enter your own. Have not tried it, just looked at it today

    • don_sanders
      don_sanders commented
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      Oh, I see it now on a pc. I guess it isn't available on mobile devices (iphone/safari).


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    Great tutorial Kelby, thank you.
    Scott - Colorado Springs, CO - Zone 4/5 (Depending on the year) - Elevation 6266ft

    “Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple.” – Bill Mollison


    • newnandawg
      newnandawg commented
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      Kelby, great job!

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    Good information, Kelby.

    Can we add a "dontyoudaredelete" tag (or maybe "community" would be a better name) for Sarahkt "what do your friends friends look like" and other such community posts?

    Just a thought.
    Kevin (Eastern MA - Zone 5b/6a)


    • Sarahkt
      Sarahkt commented
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      Lol. "Community" is a good word for it.

      Though if deletes of intro and OT threads were to get deleted for space concerns I wouldn't want a special exception to made for the pets/pets on figs post while other OT threads get deleted. It doesn't seem fair. It's somewhat fig related though at this point (pets guarding/sleeping on figs plants).

    • fitzski
      fitzski commented
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      yes, this forum is about figs but it's nice to periodically see other friends friends.

      We're a community and our love for figs and other things is part of it.

      Maybe I'll post a picture of my guinea pig with a fig next summer. That counts, right

    • Sarahkt
      Sarahkt commented
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      It counts on both counts.

  • #6
    A tag for 'gnats' would be nice - guess pests fits the bill.

    A tag for 'fig gathering' would be really helpful

    There are tags for middle east and asia but not Italy, France, Portugal, Spain or Greece? ? LSU figs?

    And we really need a tag for both Hershell and Fabio, don't we
    SW PA zone 6a


    • Kelby
      Kelby commented
      Editing a comment
      There is a European tag, not a bad idea on the subcategories though! I'll pass the ideas along!

      There aren't enough warning tags for Fabio and Hershell!