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  • Dormancy, Near Dormancy and Hardiness

    This is my first time overwintering figs. And no matter how much I read there is always more stuff. This fall I reduced watering considerable in an effort to prepare for frosts and wintering.
    A few weeks ago I posted some images of my CdDN holding fruit and it was pointed out by Kelby that my plants did not look fully dormant.

    I recently found this very informative site http://planetfig.com/

    And this link in particular explains the dormancy procedure very well http://planetfig.com/articles/fareng2589.html

    I apologize if its been posted before, and I wish I had read this in early September

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    Really happy with what I have.

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    Excellent read!
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      Its the first article that explained the connection between 'drying up' and the ability to withstand cold temps