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  • OT No heat but significant progress.

    Still no heat in the greenhouse. The heating company did not want to actually install the stand for the heater as they don't do concrete or dig holes. Since I have never done such a thing I wanted a bit of help. My neighbor is a foundation contractor (husband and wife team) and offered to help me out. We were not really able to connect because they are in the middle of a big job however they offer advice and some tools. Finally after borrowing a post hole digger and a thing to wack pipe into the ground I started by myself. First I rediscovered my gas line (no I did not put a hole in it), then the cement for one of the greenhouse supports. For a while it looked like the third post would be near the gas line but it missed by about 8 inches. The concrete seems to have set (48 hours), the posts are pretty darn level and the stand fits Now that it is together the neighbors are coming over to see if I did it right! Hopefully tomorrow I will put in the duct and we can set the heater in place. Of course my friends keep pointing out that I have save a lot of money on heating and winter is almost over.
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    Sounds like an adventure Sharon!
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      Why are you not hanging the heater from the bows?
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