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  • Let the 2016 Fig hunting season continue

    This is what I have to trade. I ran this idea past a moderator and got the thumbs up to post.

    1 x Ronde de Bordeaux plant 4" pot very healthy
    1 x Maltese Falcon plant 4" pot Air layer from last year


    3 x Olympia
    3 x Patricks Super Giant (newbie purchase from TyTyga) Its probably Brunswick
    3 x Maltese Falcon
    3 x nero 600m
    2 x LDA
    3 x LSU Purple
    1 x Macool
    1 x Kathleen Black
    3 x Bensonhurst Purple (Hardy Chicago)
    1 x CdDN terminal cutting
    1 x CdDG terminal cutting

    I have limited space and would like to trade these plants in any combination for cuttings or plants of these last 4 varieties. I realize they are choice varieties. PM me if interested

    Granthams Royal
    Galica Negra
    Sangue doce
    Grise de Saint Jean

    Happy fig hunting


    Really happy with what I have.

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    Thank you to all those members of Ourfigs that have contacted me via PM. I will get back to you promptly


    Really happy with what I have.