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  • One bark fines--Any reason to no make your own?

    I haven't done an exhaustive search, but just about all I've been able to find are pine bak nuggets. Is there any reason I couldn't or shouldn't use these to make my own pine bark fines by braking hem down?

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    Wood chipper would make things easy... I sift with a 1/2" screen to get them to the size I want. Messy and time consuming. If you live near an Agway they sell pathway bark witch is ready right from the bag.
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      I buy my bark product at home depot. When I get it home, I lay the bags down in the street, and drive over them a few times. It seems to really help with breaking down the larger pieces.

      Then I sift them using three sifters together - 1/2", then 1/4", then 1/8". Everything that falls through the 1/8" screen is called "pine fines" and is a decent substitute for peat moss in a bark based medium. The 1/4"-1/8" stuff is kept for 1(bark):1(Turface MVP):1(Chicken Grit) mixes, and the 1/2"-1/4" stuff is kept for 5(bark):1(peat):1(perlite) mixes
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      • Jamie0507
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        Love this idea! My neighbors already think Im strange lol, but wait until they see me running bags of mulch over in the middle of winter! Haha!!

      • Merle
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        Funny and great idea! Keeping it simple, the way I prefer to do things.

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      Thanks, guys! I'll run over a few bags with the truck later today.
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        The local Home Depot here sells pine bark nuggets, mini nuggets and pine bark mulch. The pine bark mulch is small from 1/4" to fines.
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          I use any pine bark I have. It all becomes fines eventually. Until then the bigger chunks are great at holding water.
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            When you use the one with the bigger chunks do you find that you have to water more often?

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          Walmart......purple bag just labeled Pine mulch. It is already fine, perhaps 3/4 of the bag is acceptable.
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            Look for bags of "soil conditioner" at Lowes. It is just small pine fines.
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