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  • First Figs Potting Up 2016

    Started potting a Few figs up already here in Louisiana I was still picking a few Figs two weeks ago and got a cool down, now all my tree look like they will be breaking buds in a Few weeks already swelling up.This weather is so crazy I have a couple nectarines on my tree and it is now in full bloom. How about this weather. Thought I would share this Is this crazy anywhere else ??
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    You've been busy Joe, looks great.

    I wish there was nectarines and blooms on my trees.
    Scott - Colorado Springs, CO - Zone 4/5 (Depending on the year) - Elevation 6266ft

    “Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple.” – Bill Mollison


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      Looks good. I will be up-potting some fully dormant figs this weekend but I do not expect them to break buds until late March / early April in the greenhouse.

      Is that a 20 Gallon pot?

      Are most of your figs in pots?
      Kevin (Eastern MA - Zone 5b/6a)


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        HI Joe, not quiet that good of weather here yet. We did have warm weather around Christmas
        buy that has changed. I do have several plants in the garage that have started leafing out.
        I also have ten in ground trees that have begun to show some die-back and shriveling. The
        coldest temps so far have been in the mid twenties. All those ten trees died back to the ground
        last winter but came back and produced a few figs.

        How are the cuttings doing?
        newnandawg 7b Newnan, GA


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          It seems like winter has been cancelled here –forever! World climate change is here to stay. We had such a warm winter in SoCal last year my Japanese plums and apricots were hard hit, bloomed early and produced little if any fruit. We had lots of bees so pollination wasn’t the problem. Not enough winter chill was. The same pattern has started this year with some early fruit trees beginning to bud out and bloom. I dug up a Blenheim apricot yesterday and replaced it with a Belleclare Vasilika Sika. Day before yesterday I dug up a Spitzenberg apple tree and replaced it with a CdDN. (Anyone want a free apple tree- pay postage? PM me.) I read somewhere that we might be getting a new Ice Age in twenty or thirty years but I don’t think I or my plum and apricot trees will be here to see it.
          Mara, Southern California,
          Climate Zone: 1990=9b 2012= 10a 2020=?


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          Kevin most of my figs are in ground And I have back ups in Pots in case I have too get out of here If the big one comes I live 1 mile from the Gulf and if I go to my neighbor house on his front porch you can sit and watch the shrimping boats and ships. A lot of the time you hear the waves pounding the beach well its Nice. No SNOW !!!! I also have a green house with a lot of my figs already putting figs on along with veggies I just had a B L T a couple weeks ago with fresh tomatoes and lettuce OOohhhhhhhhh Talk about awesome for JAN. WOW sorry had to put that in. So the way it's looking right now my figs should break bud in a few weeks. I still have a few trees in the ground that are putting figs on like a Kadota crazy I will try to up date this with a pic anyone else seeing this ??