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  • Atreano & Atreano Gold

    Hello Everyone,

    A few days ago I read that Atreano & Atreano Gold were two different cultivars. I cannot for the life of me find my source on the topic, but is there any truth to this?

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    I have read of at least 4 Atreanos.
    There was an Atreano from Belleclaire Nursery
    There is an Atreano Gold originally from Zaino's Nursery on Long Island(?), unsure if same.
    There is an Atreano sold by a forummer on F4F named Maggie (Italiangirl74 forum name?) which she says was descended from Atreano brought to America by Hanc Mathies, I am not sure if the same as the Belleclaire version.
    There is an Atreano sold by Rolling River Nursery in CA that is supposedly very different and inferior from what I have read.

    My Atreano from Maggie gave me a good tasting crop in it's second year in 2015, my Atreano Gold is only one year old so I hope for a taste this year.

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      This post summarizes how I understand it: http://www.ourfigs.com/forum/figs-ho...2514#post12514

      I don't have any of the Atreanos yet, but the story that seems most believable to me is that the Hanc Mathies, Belleclaire, and Zaino's version are the same. The Rolling River version is different and not as good the original Hanc Mathies version, at least in the cold northeast.
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        Just four?
        Where does the Atreano FN distributed by Encanto fit in?
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        Ahh, that thread clears things up. Thanks everyone.
        Zone 7A - Philadelphia
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          I posted here but I don't see it, hmmmm
          Anyway I have 2 cultivars - RR and OR. According to Jon at Encanto the OR is the original and is compressed and slightly less productive. I hope my other post shows up as I posted 4 pictures.


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