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  • The recent time warp of posts and PM's explained....

    There has been an ongoing bug in the site, something that does not affect the members at all. I had reported it a couple weeks ago and the support staff member could not fix the issue so forwarded it to a programmer/developer. I had asked the host this morning if there was an update to the issue. She told me the developer attempted to "fix" the issue and ended up crashing the site, guess I missed that outage. To get the site back online the developer had to warp us back to the last save. Now WHY he/she would attempt the fix without first saving the information is beyond me. Why they would erase a day and not even TELL me they did it also baffles me.......but anyway that is the reason for the lost information and I apologize for the lost day.

    Cutting sales start Nov 1 at 9PM eastern time as always at willsfigs.com

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    I find your mundane explanation quite dubious. When it happens again, we'll have proof of the real cause:

    Click image for larger version

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      Don't drive angry!

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      I got you babe.....

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    Well...... For guy who no inform you Will....
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      For the record, I said some really smart, insightful stuff yesterday.
      Zone 7a in Virginia


      • Hobo62288
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        Ya, I believe I saw that. Something like you were gonna start buying and giving away ponte tresa cuttings, right? ;-). Starting with me, of course

      • SarinaP
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        Hahahaha-- I so wish I could, buddy!

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      Unfortunately the wayback machine hasn't scanned us since 1/11/16 or so.
      Bob C.
      Kansas City, MO Z6


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        dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun


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          Wills, I hope they offered you something as an apology for "losing a day" of the forum.
          Kevin (Eastern MA - Zone 5b/6a)


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            Yes a hearty "sorry"
            Cutting sales start Nov 1 at 9PM eastern time as always at willsfigs.com


            • fitzski
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              well, sorry is a good start. No public flogging of the individual?

              I was hoping that they offered you a month's credit or something.

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            This too shall pass. This still is the greatest fig forum.
            Jerry, Canyon Lake TX 8b


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              I wish i could time warp and lose stress from work!
              May the Figs be with you!


              • DBJohnson
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                Thanks....now I'm having flashbacks of being in that show when I was in community theater.