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  • What are you espesially looking foward to harvesting this year?

    My top five plants I am looking forward to harvesting are

    1 Lebanese Red I got the plant last summer from Ebay and this year I will be planting it in a perfect southern location
    2 Macool
    3 CdDN It tried so hard to ripen last fall but did not make it
    4 Atreano I got great advice from the forum to wait for perfect ripening - I did wait and it was exceptional
    5 Maltese Falcon This year it will have optimum conditions


    1 Grise de Saint Jean just received them and they are in the 'slow' cooker
    2 Granthams Royal as above

    happy growing



    Really happy with what I have.

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    I am most anticipating trying some of my new varieties that have not yet fruited. Last year I rooted or acquired by trade over 30 new types. All are anticipated, but most of all these 4:
    - Adriatic(JH) because I had one at a friend's home and it was superb
    - RdB because I have heard so much praise for it and I am looking forward to early good figs
    - Jason's Unknown Black Ischia because of it's reputation
    - Unknown Calderwood because I gave an extra rooted plant to my wife's aunt who lives in Florida and she got about 15 figs on this first year plant that she raves about.

    But maybe some of the others will turn out to be even better. Anticipation!!!!
    SW PA zone 6a


    • smatthew
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      I was pretty pleased with unk calderwood last year - fruited heavily on first year wood and was tasty to boot!

    • cis4elk
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      Ed, be patient with RdB if it doesn't live up to your expectations, it may take a some years to get great. For me it was still good but nothing fantastic for the couple years of fruiting and I believe it is still improving(I actually didn't get any figs the 1st year and 2nd year they came too late so were removed). If your growing it in a pot(which I think you are) the brebas are really good too, I didn't let mine make any brebas until it was in 4th leaf.

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    In no particular order
    - All the Col de Dames.... yum. First time getting fruit off my own trees if all goes well. Also will look forward to seeing both white AND black figs on the CdDB/N rooting now, either this year or next.
    - RdB -- delicious last year, looking forward to more of them this year
    - Adriatic JH were amazing last year, looking forward to more this year
    - Smith - 2 trees who will probably fruit this year, want to see how they live up to the hype
    - Longue d'Aout -- too many good reviews on this one to not have on the list
    - Beall - really enjoyed this one at last year's fig gathering
    - Genovese Nero (both kinds) - might have to wait til next year, but I want to try both
    - Fico Pesco d'Oro - peach-flavored fig intrigues
    - Hative d'Argenteuil - photos look amazing however you spell it
    - Figo Preto - would be great to taste a premier fig...

    For non-figs, I'm most looking forward to the peaches and nectarines! Also the blueberry bushes, if their early blooming doesn't preclude a fruiting season.
    Bay Area, CA (zone: 9B)


    • drew51
      drew51 commented
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      Sarah you have Arctic Glo? I have that tree and it is amazing! I also love Indian Free peach and Flavor King pluot. The triple crown of great fruit! I have ton's of scion to graft this year. I have a couple trees with OK fruit not great So I want to graft over most of these trees. I will leave some of the old fruit. A scaffold or so. I'm in a cold region so I added the classics for this area Redhaven, Redskin, gonna try Winblo, Clayton, Early Crawford. Indian Blood, PF 24C. I'm fairly new to grafting and peaches are the hardest. If 1/3 takes I'll be happy and try again next year.

    • danw
      danw commented
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      Andrew, your post in my Magical Citrus Fig thread is the reason I am after one! And that is even after I had sworn off peaches and nectarines. I always seem to loose the battle against leaf curl, but I am going to try one more time.

    • Sarahkt
      Sarahkt commented
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      Hey Andrew, was it you that posted about Arctic Glo recently? Someone posted pics, I forget when/where/who, but it made me start looking into that variety in the first place during the scion exchange planning. That tree is on its way! I took the last one at Grow Organic (lol, sorry, Dan. You snooze...)

      I also have an Elephant Heart plum, and a couple pluot trees (Flavor King -- my favorite, and a 4-in-1 I bought last year of Flavor King, Flavor Queen, Flavor Supreme, and Dapple Dandy). I have *a lot* of various stone fruit scion I'm going to try grafting (half this weekend/next week, and plan to repeat with the second half in a month if the first ones don't look good as a backup plan). The stone fruit scion I have are mostly very tiny, so not sure how well it's going to work out. This is my first year grafting, and so far the apples, figs, Asian pear, and pomegranate ones look good. Too soon to tell if they took, but at least they still look alive and aren't shriveling up.

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    Of course I'm looking forward to seeing how all of my figs have matured but I'm really excited about:
    -Italian 258
    -Galicia Negra (this better be good)
    -Second-year Col de Dame Grise
    -and more mature JH Adriatics and Smiths

    A bunch of tomatoes including Pantano Romanesco, Amish Paste, San Marzano, Green Doctor (green cherry tomatoes), and my all time favorite, Sun Gold.

    Thai Lessard Sugar apple and Sweetheart Lychee. I've had these guys for a few years and nothing so far.

    Good luck, everyone.


    • Levar
      Levar commented
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      This is my first year growing it - I germinated the seeds about three months ago and it's ... too big. Already. It's still coldish out and it's too big.

      How do you feel about the fruit quality? Do you like preparing them a certain way?

      I think Sun Golds are best just totally raw and undressed - I made a sauce with them for eggplant and it was almost like candy. Novel but good. It probably would've been great with sharp goat cheeses, thinking back on it. Or used as the base for a BBQ sauce for meats.

    • cis4elk
      cis4elk commented
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      Quality is right in the middle is suppose, any fresh homegrown tomato tastes spectacular compared to what comes from the store. I make a good amount of pasta sauce every year that I bag and freeze, so most of my tomatoes go to sauce. Certain varieties we eat more of them fresh and others are more for sauce. Amish paste we probably eat about 10% of them fresh as bruschetta or when no better tomato was available.
      I choose to grow AP every year because,
      - strong hardy plant, big producer, it ripens a ton of fruit here before the season is over
      - fruits are bigger than Roma or San Marzano
      - it's a thick meaty tomato without many seeds
      -- the seeds are in cavities which are easy to remove with the swipe of a finger
      - I grow 2 AP plants each year because they are so good for filling the sauce pot(compared to 1 of the other varieties)

      Granted your zone is totally different than mine, which I'm sure affects flavor profiles as well as harvests. Also there is the personal taste thing, but these are my favorite tomato varieties to pick, slice, and eat in no particular order.

      - Early Girl
      - Celebrity
      - Momotaro
      - Virginia Sweets

      I also usually grow Carbon, German Johnson , and Goldman's Italian American.

    • Levar
      Levar commented
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      Yeah I was planning on San Marzano for a second year with better gardening habits. If I dropped the ball even a little, the fruits were small and tasteless. But I was impressed when they were good.

      Thanks for the recommendations. I'll check those out this year.

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    Anything I don't kill as cutting🙄

    Hopefully everything... I no have one fif last season.
    Zone 5 Chicago IL Wish list:
    1) Rest peacfully Amico Bello Buddy 👼🏼.
    2) This weeks ebay auctions.


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      New ones that I will hopefully get to try this year...
      Cavaliere, Violeta, Vasilika Melissi, Gypsy (Zingarella), and Type 208

      second harvests...
      CdD Blanc, Pastiliere, Preto, Ischia Black, and Genovese Nero
      Gary USDA 9A
      Sebastopol, CA


      • cis4elk
        cis4elk commented
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        I would like to taste Vasilika Melissi too, most of starts didn't grow all that well last year..especially VM. So any fruit it sets this coming year will be removed so it can focus it's energy to growth.

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      Any of my new trees that should be big enough this year... Black Mission , Green Ischia, Brunswick, Atreano Gold , Vista, LSU purple, LSU gold, and JH
      Hi my name is Art. I buy fig cuttings-so I can grow more figs-so I can sell more figs-so I can buy more fig cuttings-so I can grow more figs....


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        I don't have anything fancy like a lot of folks here, but I hope to taste Hardy Chicago, LSU Purple and Gold from mature trees I bought last year. I also have Adriatic JH, VDB, and RDB cuttings/plants that I hope will grow up this year.
        Houston, TX Zone 9a


        • COGardener
          COGardener commented
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          Fancy is not necessary at all, you have some great varieties!

        • Visceral
          Visceral commented
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          Better lucky than good when it comes to how I got those varieties! I just looked at photos and read descriptions and hoped for the best. There are so many choices, so I'm glad I got some winners.

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        I'm looking forward to all of them frankly. I was only able to have a few from 3 trees last year and I can't wait to see if another years has improved them or if they are basically the same. I am looking forward to any of the many new figs I acquired last season (here's hoping).

        Yet I am especially looking forward to the Kathleen's Black!! I know they can take several years to produce in some cases so my hopes are no to high on it. Yet I keep thinking about the one I got to try at Tim Clymer's Three fold farms in PA. Thus far it is the best fig I have tasted and I truly think that everyone should have this variety in their collection!!!
        Scott - Colorado Springs, CO - Zone 4/5 (Depending on the year) - Elevation 6266ft

        “Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple.” – Bill Mollison


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          I'm looking forward to all my figs since I'm still in the grow-and-test-everything phase.

          The ones that haven't set/ripened fruit for me yet (despite growing to a decent size tree) that I'm most hoping to try:
          • Adriatic JH
          • Kathleen's Black
          • Lyndhurst White
          • Scott's Black
          • Violette de Bordeaux
          The ones I wanted to sample more of because they were delicious their first year:
          • Ronde de Bordeaux
          • Takoma Violet
          • Stella
          • Longue d'Aout
          • Owensboro Unk
          • Sicilian Black JR
          The cuttings I have highest hopes for (and that I started the earliest) are Izbat An Naj, Teramo Unk, and a local unknown Greek fig.
          Stuff I grow: Google Doc


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            I'm just looking to try as many as I can as well. I don't have any named varieties that are a year old yet. I've only been able to sample my three unknown trees.

            Some of mine in 1 gallon pots are putting on some figs. I should probably pull them but I'm curious to see what they taste and look like grown indoors.
            Don - OH Zone 6a Wish list: Verdolino, Sucrette UCD, Rubado


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              I'm also looking forward to all my figs.

              The trees that haven't made any eatable fruit for me yet that I'm most hoping to try:
              Bursa Siyahi
              Col de Dame Blanche
              El Molino
              Emalyn's Purple
              Maltese Falcon
              Qalaat Al Maadiq
              Vasilika sika

              The ones I wanted to sample more of because they were delicious last year:
              Black Madeira
              Ronde de Bordeaux
              Violette de Bordeaux

              These are growing so slowly, if I ever get them large enough to produce any figs at all, I’ll be happy.
              Black Ischia
              Figo Preto
              Galicia Negra
              Yellow Neeches
              Mara, Southern California,
              Climate Zone: 1990=9b 2012= 10a 2020=?


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                Everything that figgary ripens Joking Gary.

                Second year from my possibly reversed Panache. Really want to see if the flavor intensifies over last year which was awesome. Anything from the many awesome varieties I am rooting now, but it would be presumptuous to assume they will fruit for me. I guess I would really like to taste Adriatic JH though.


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                  I'm hoping for anything at all from my own trees. The largest tree I have is a gifted Bryant Dark that woke up a month ago and has been enjoying the lights. After that, the others that I have high hopes for are RdB, Carini, UNK Ocrcoke Pound, UNK Ocracoke Blanche Howard, Smith, UNK Greek Yellow, Atreano, and what is labeled O'Rourke but I suspect is not the real O'Rourke based on dominant leaf shape.
                  Bryant...Franklin County, VA...Zone 7a. Wish List: a 32 hour day....more sleep


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                    The plant I am most curious about is BB 10 (black beauty). Want to see if it truly is the holy grail it was claimed to be.


                    • WillsC
                      WillsC commented
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                      Dan being.....(mumbles to himself "be nice be nice be nice" ) difficult it is hard to say what it is. Is it unique? Is it a known variety? Personally I think he hyped it so much as the best fig to ever exist he then would let nobody have it for fear it would not live up to his hype. That is my theory but we shall see. All I know for sure is it IS the tree he has.

                    • Sarahkt
                      Sarahkt commented
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                      lmao. Wills, I know you've said you're usually not that great with documenting fruit with pictures and notes, but please remember to record your impressions of this one. For posterity and all that.

                    • don_sanders
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                      Here's hoping it lives up to the hype and you can spread it around.

                      Makes me think of some other ratings I love to see. I think he rates on a scale from 1-10 but most score 11-15 with colorful commentary.

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                    Wills isn't BB 10 the one Dan (Kingfig) posted years ago on the other forum as being soooo good? Please keep me posted on this one. Glad to know it is in good hands.


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                      That is the one.


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                        This has turned into a great source of 'what to grow next' Will BB10 be the new Ponte Teresa ?

                        JH Adriatic seams to be consistently at the front. The trio of CdD also are getting universal appeal. ( I have N and G looking for B) .....

                        Its interesting to see the optimism and long lists from those members in zone 9+ as opposed the the shorter more conservative lists of zone 6+



                        Really happy with what I have.


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                          Looking forward most to harvesting the 7 varieties from my core orchard:
                          I can think of a special 7 fig cultivars I've ripened with which other home growers might also have good luck and success due to the inherent viability of

                          Otherwise looking forward to whatever cultivars might ripen productively, early, and with layered flavors, cultivars that could possibly make a move into the core orchard. (It's a potted dooryard orchard mainly.) Hopefully some will surprise this year.

                          Cultivars most looking forward to acquiring:
                          willing to trade for: Figoin, Barada, Planera MP, Gallo, Noire de Barbentane, Golden Riverside (278-128), select Pons figs
                          Tony WV 6b


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                            Last year being my first at collecting figs. It seems I tried to acquire every variety available. I broke the bank several times over.

                            I only got to taste a few not so great figs from plants' first production. A Noire de Caromb produced a ripe fig in November that was real good. I wish for it to flush full with ripe figs this summer.

                            Because of the expense of acquiring Galicia Negra, De La Reina MP, Figo Preto, I - 258, Maltese Falcon, Martinenca Rimada and Vista, I want very much to try these.

                            I got 14 LSU varieties in ground last year so I have high hopes to try these.

                            Actually, this will be a great year if I could taste a hanging ripe fig from each and every variety I have growing.
                            Jerry, Canyon Lake TX 8b


                            • mountainfigs
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                              Yes, ripening even a single good fig, gives the tree character and identity, and can give a good idea of how and where it might be best to tend to it the following year.

                              Do you have a handy list of the 14 LSU varieties you are growing? Lists of LSU cultivars seem to evolve through the years.

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                            Let's see...

                            Black Madeira
                            Maltese Falcon
                            Havasu Purple
                            Filiciano Bianco
                            LdA with another year under it's..roots
                            and definitely more of Navid's UDG and MBVS with another year under their roots as well.

                            Of course I could keep going because I can't wait to try them all, I've already thought of 5 more that I left out...
                            Calvin, Wish list is to finish working on the new house, someday.
                            Bored? Grab a rake, paint roller, or a cordless drill and come over!


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                              Since i didn't have a single fig from any of my original plants last year, i'm expecting fruits from these young plants and am very excited for all of them:

                              Unknown Sheepshead
                              Desert King
                              CDD Grise

                              Among the 35+ varieties i'm growing from cuttings, i would love to see some fruit from them first year but i don't want to expect too much. I would be happy with any figs at this point
                              May the Figs be with you!


                              • #23
                                Ooh, I thought of another one that I really am anxious to see what happens. It's my Smith(not) Verte(not) maybe is Smith after all.. but could still be something entirely different. Boy, that is a lot to write on a tag! Sure was pretty good last year and looked nothing like previous 3 years. It was on the axe list for one last season, heck it's going to get up-potted now.
                                Calvin, Wish list is to finish working on the new house, someday.
                                Bored? Grab a rake, paint roller, or a cordless drill and come over!


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                                  I am looking forward to tasting I-258, Coll de Dama Blanca-Negra, Carrapipe Nera, and more Bourjasotte Grise and Black Madeiras! As for rooting, I won't even get into that, there's too many to catalogue.
                                  Zone 10b, Miami, FL


                                  • #25
                                    I am looking forward to my first fig. Keep your fingers crossed for me.