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  • Cutting doing business in the bathroom!

    This one was inactive in the basement. I was getting mold on the tip so I needed to change its environment. I moved it on top of the shower stall where it gets some additional humidity during our showers. It's in a 16oz cup with part of another cup on top, covered with saran wrap. It loves it here!

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    Frank ~ zone 7a VA

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    Looking good.

    I used the small bathroom for starting my last round of cuttings. The room is in the center of the house, and the temperature is very stable, which worked well.
    SoCal, zone 10.
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      Are you going to do a write up of the bathroom method?
      Don - OH Zone 6a Wish list: Verdolino, Sucrette UCD, Rubado


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      • F. Bennett
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        Ha! Sure..take a shower at least once a day for best results.

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      And it comes out smelling like a rose!
      Jesse in western Maine, zone 4/5
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        Nice job, Frank!

        Now all you need to do is add a cutting shelf above the shower head.

        I see a lot of under utilized wall space there
        Kevin (Eastern MA - Zone 5b/6a)


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          There is nothing like a good shower.
          Bill - Long Island, NY 7a
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            I was almost afraid to click on this thread.


            • DBJohnson
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              You and me both!

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            Okay now tis getting little weird.... You shower with you fico!!!!!? Do you wash is back ? Ahahaha!! Make sure clean behind all is buds!! Ahaha hahahaha!!!!! 🌳🚿😳
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            • F. Bennett
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              I sometimes sing to it too! haha

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            This should be worth another $200........PT via the bathroom method.
            Jerry, Canyon Lake TX 8b