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  • Fig Ripens in June?

    OK. My mother lives on Amelia Island FL. From what I can tell that is zone 9A. Her neighbor has a fig tree which my mother has eaten figs from and says they are really good. My mother says the tree produces figs in June and is done producing mostly by the second week in July. I asked my mother if they were breba. My mother says no, there are no figs after that crop. Supposedly this fig was brought over to this country over 100 years ago from England by her neighbors family. Now, I take all of this with great interest but also with a grain of salt. Is this timeline possible for main crop figs?

    Oh, of course I got some cuttings sent to me with the owners permission. I am rooting them now. The cuttings show very close internodal spacing. The tree is 7-8 years old and although good size(maybe 10-11 ft) they do prune it so it is not as large as it might be,