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  • binbin9
    Yes a paint pen works great but most of the time I just leave one variety per box. Roots usually occur within 2-4 weeks. I may try a bottom heat pad to get them to grow faster.

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  • F. Bennett
    Great videos, Ben! Good luck with all those infants.

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  • Harborseal
    A paint pen would definitely work. You'd be way better off not having all that perlite dust in with your cuttings.

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  • ross

    I've seen them all and definitely enjoyed watching. Thanks for sharing! I did wonder about how you would label them if you had a tray of multiple varieties. You think a paint pen will work?

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  • Jamie0507
    Great videos! I'm always searching for new methods to try like this one How long were you typically leaving the cuttings in the box before you saw roots? I didn't catch that in the video but I did have a bunch of overly loud lil boys surrounding me when I watched the videos lol, so I could have just missed it..

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  • Here's a series of Videos, On my Lasagna Method of rooting figs

    I've tried just about every method there is for rooting fig cuttings (Bag, Peat moss, straight Soil, all perlite, aquaponics, cloners, all water, etc) and I've found that this method I call "The lasagna Method" seems to work the best in terms of success rate. I'm not trying to revolutionize anything just sharing what seems to work really well and help others who have struggled with keeping cuttings alive.

    Hope it helps.

    The First Step:
    In this method I hope to maximize rooting success as well as increase the number of cuttings by rooting 1-2 nodes vs 3-6 nodes.Fig, Figs, garden, brunswick f...

    Refined Video on the process:
    My Step by Step process on how I root fig cuttings that are purchased from Ebay.Vashon Violethttp://seattlegardenfruit.blogspot.comhttps://www.facebook.com/g...

    11/8/15 Just a quick update on some fig cuttings I brought home from San Jose. These cuttings were rooted on 10/18. Check out the massive roots!http://seatt...

    The San Jose Cuttings I got from back in October are crowding it's container. Time to up pot them.http://seattlegardenfruit.blogspot.comhttps://www.facebook....