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  • When to wake 'em up in z5?

    I have a couple friends with deluxe heated greenhouses that could give my fig plants an early start. I haven't told them how many I have yet....
    With only 120 frost free days here, my figs need every advantage!
    My question is, when would be the right time to get them going indoors? June is typically when outdoor conditions are right for moving them outside, which I imagine I will do with most of them. I was thinking Mid-March as being a possible target date, this would add 2.5 months to my growing season, and give some of my late ripening cultivars a chance. Downside would be that I'd be commuting a bit to tend to them, adding a drip irrigation system or SIPs would help some and I am looking into those options.
    Jesse in western Maine, zone 4/5
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    Jesse, when would you gave to bring them back in? In addition to that info it would also depend on the cultivars. As an camp me, I am in the deeps south and put my potted trees out in April but some do not produce ripe fruit until Oct.
    newnandawg 7b Newnan, GA


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      Any time right time long as you have the space and correct environment l. I've been growing in my GH all winter. If they sleep for few weeks wake them up
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        I think mid-March early April would be give you a big boost. My figs in my unheated GH started leafing out in April while my in-ground fig waited until mid-May.

        I have no experience going from ideal GH conditions to normal conditions but here are a couple things you might want to consider.

        They might have a setback when they are removed from the GH if the GH is kept at a constant temp and humidity level.

        Also, how are you going to transport back to your house?

        You may have to water them well and wrap them in order to prevent damage on the trip home.

        Good Luck.
        Kevin (Eastern MA - Zone 5b/6a)


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          I'd do it now. The longer they grow the more figs you'll get. If your friends have room they could stay there year round.
          Bob C.
          Kansas City, MO Z6


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            Now or mid March both sound good.
            Using SIPs would make it all easier , should cut down on commuting or eliminate it for the most part if they would fill the reservoir .
            I'd move some now so it would be more real to your friends and any possible objections would come up before you move the bulk of them.
            Use of a GH ,nice problem to have !
            Kerry - NH zone 5


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              I think March sounds good as well. I would bring the trees you know need a long season over, then they will be ripening with good heat later this summer. The early ripeners don't need it, but like Bob said you'll get more figs from them. The Etna's, RdB, Florea, Improved Celeste are the early figs I'm referring to, they are all able to ripen some brebas and one solid main crop if started shuffling some time in April(that is ripen brebas if the variety holds brebas). Actually, for me RdB is done a month before things get cool and will almost get a 2nd main crop if I leave those on, I started removing the 2nd main crop last year to let the plant use it's energy for growth/storage instead.
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