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    I will play! I got everything on my list.

    I picked up (at 18:17:56 for those curious how fast you had to be to get some of these)

    Capoll Curt negra
    Figo Preto
    Red Lebanese BV
    White Madeira #1

    and a second order with Calverte and Shafter. Seriously cannot believe I never noticed Shafter until last night; a new fig Harvey only tried once that is a JAMMY MELON?! I was all over that. I've been looking for a good melon fig.

    Now, does anyone know if you can go back and add a phone number after you have checked out? I couldn't figure it out last night and was in a bit of a hurry! Don't see a way to do so on Paypal.
    Menifee, CA. Zone 9a. MotherofDragons on Fig Database/FigBid. WL: VdB, Burgan Unk.


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      Goose egg Unk
      Tom V. from San Diego, Ca.🇺🇸


      • Lucrative
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        Oh, man, why'd you get that one? I heard it sucks.

      • ZomVee
        ZomVee commented
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        The price was right and it was in stock!

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      My wall of shame was ZERO. There was no way I was going to deal with the stress and gadzillions other people in a buying frenzy. In my mind it's comparable to women shopping on Black Friday.
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      Kathleen, GA/ borderline of 8a/8b
      Wishlist: Strawberry, Strawberry Vert, Cavaliere, Smith, Colonel Littman's Black Cross, Raspberry Latte


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        I’m filled with admiration for those of you that picked up nothing. You are well on the road to recovery!
        I, on the other hand who was doing great until last evening had a relapse.

        Not too severe thankfully.

        BNR - has been searching for this for 2 years now. My earlier source fell through.
        Dels Ermitans — dropped it while moving and broke the graft! This is a replacement
        Albacor de Molla Blanca - I got Comuna last year but it was not true to variety

        “The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it” —Oscar Wilde
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        • ramv
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          Updated my post Bellefleurs

        • Bellefleurs
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          ramv, You are officially on the road to recovery.
          Will you plan to root your BNR or graft it?

        • Netstars
          Netstars commented
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          I have jumped on board the BNR and RDS PB boat recently Ram.

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        I got these in the private pre-sale. If you didn't know about it, well.....it was invitation only.


        I sure hope they root, but for $5 a stick, won't be much financial loss.
        Phoenix, Arizona 9B


        • Bellefleurs
          Bellefleurs commented
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        • Netstars
          Netstars commented
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          I pretty sure Harvey does not sell any of your private sale items.
          You can’t fool us you Infigdel! 😉

        • American Infigdel
          American Infigdel commented
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          I just missed the raspberry latte, but did get the coconut kreme.

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        O - 3rd year running and got nothing. Every year I have failed to get the varieties I've wanted as I was not quick enough - all sold out!!
        WL La Radek BT, Improved Celeste, Florea


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          Went after these in the first 10 minutes of the sale opening.

          listed in order of desire:

          Capo​​​ll Curt Negra Sold Out
          Violeta Sold Out
          GM-139 GOT
          Bebera Branca Sold Out
          Beltrana Sold Out
          Black Tuscan Sold Out
          Dark Portuguese GOT
          Hativa de Argentuiel GOT
          Already Had Bourjasotte Rossa GOT
          Already Had Bourjasotte Grise GOT
          Genovese Nero (AF) GOT

          About 3 hours ago TODAY, I decided to rummage through what cuttings were laying on the floor from yesterday's stampede to see if there was anything interesting. I picked up the following:

          Achaiko Tragano GOT
          Bordissot Blanca Rimada GOT
          Bordissot Blanca Negra Sold Out
          Col e Dame Gris - Vasile GOT
          GM-172 GOT
          Genovese Nero AF GOT MORE

          I bought a total of 33 cuttings which is welll under the 150 I got last year. Other than those that I listed as Sold Out, I have nothing else on my wish list and those will be the basis of my next years bidding. I generally got 2 or 3 of each which means the number of cuttings I get next year shou
          d be 18 or less. I think I am getting better or should I say, I am recovering.
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          Ron Bressler
          Lebanon, Pa
          Zone 6b


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            Nice lists ,folks.

            Here glad I do not keep Tennessee sour mash around or my month food budget would have evaporated last night!
            Z8A NC SANDHILLS



            • Bellefleurs
              Bellefleurs commented
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              I have never tried TN sour mash but I probably could have appreciated a swig last night during that sale...or at least a swig of something. That was CRAZY

            • YATAMA
              YATAMA commented
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              well,Belle, Iin retrospect I believe Fig Brandy would have been a farmore appropriate comment from me. Perhaps fortunately, I actually do not consume alcohol at all.Itell friends thats because I am naturally crazy enough! But when I had a successful business in TN a highly prominent citizen tried to pay his invoice to me in sour mash he had made in HIS local business.He told me it was worth far more than mere money.I held out for the cash ! But was told the local judge,mayor and almost all the government workers building the dam there were dedicated repeat customers. As a chemist, I do appreciate the art.Just the product is a bit too much for me.. But I do believe the Old Boy could have made some interesting thing out of figs instead of the corn he usually started with!

            • Bellefleurs
              Bellefleurs commented
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              YATAMA, You have great stories 😊

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            Wow! I missed the Figaholics cutting sale. I am very pissed that the NFL decided to have a playoff game during Harvey’s big event. Next year no watching the playoffs.
            New Milford, CT, Zone 6a


            • Netstars
              Netstars commented
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              NFL has made a few blunders in the last few years. This is inexcusable! 😉

            • jimofct
              jimofct commented
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              Yes, “this is inexcusable”, hope they learn not to mess with Harvey’s annual sale

            • ramv
              ramv commented
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              Hope you weren't cheering for the Seahawks. That would have been a double whammy.
              Terrible play calling BTW.

          • #35
            I was able to get these:
            BROOKLYN DARK
            DE LA ROCA
            DEL SEN JAUME GRAN
            DELS ERMITANS
            GENOVESE NERO (ROB'S)
            GREEN ISCHIA
            JOLLY TIGER
            LAMPEIRA PRETA
            MEGA CELESTE
            NEGRA D'AGDE
            RED LEBANESE BV
            VIOLET SEPOR

            Tried and failed to get these:
            COL DE DAME BLANCA
            DE LA SENYORA
            MOSCATEL PRETO
            Dirk - Monmouth, Oregon - Zone 8B


            • #36
              I’m getting senile. I saw that Harvey mentioned a delay, but did not see that the sale was even going to start yesterday. I called myself looking to see what day, not time, it was going to start at least twice last night while my wife and I were watching Downton Abbey (for the second time-and it is just as great !). How surprised I was to see this morning when looking at OurFigs that the sale started last night and of course, the four that I wanted and have been saving up for had been long gone (from looking at reports, they were gone within 10 mins of opening). Soooooo, my credit card is still full and I’ve been wanting to get a bicycle to ride to work anyway!
              Hilliard Lawler, DVM, Indianola, Mississippi Zone 8A
              "Home of BB King" https://bbkingmuseum.org/
              wish list: Col. Littman's Black Cross


              • American Infigdel
                American Infigdel commented
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                You mean your wife was watching Downton Abbey and you were napping in the chair next to her. At least, that's what I do.

            • #37
              I am very happy with my purchase.
              BNR has been elusive for me.
              I really love the prices and the great videos to find exactly what I am looking for.
              Click image for larger version

Name:	AF5CE340-1B2A-4145-9A7A-FC5E032525DE.jpeg
Views:	245
Size:	17.4 KB
ID:	693105
              Zone 8B - Cottage Grove, Or
              Wish List - Raspberry Tart to be common!


              • #38
                Stuck to my plan and bought little-

                laradek brown turkey-2
                I-258. -1
                Floria - sold out
                Zone 5 Omaha. WL - Michurinska green, Malta black, maybe I-258?


                • ginamcd
                  ginamcd commented
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                  I'm still kind of floored that varieties like Florea and MBvs sold out in the first wave. When I first joined Our Figs it seemed like those were among the "entry level" varieties that were not getting much love.

                • Alexoo9
                  Alexoo9 commented
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                  Fanaticism comes in waves. In two years nobody will want them again .

              • #39
                So where do you order them from?
                Looks like many ppl will get busy really soon, congrats!
                I wonder if we can get back to those lists in a few months and calculate the success rate.
                USDA z 10a, SoCal. WL: Calderona, De la Roca, Lampeira Prush, Bass’ Favorite Fig


                • #40
                  Im happy to call harvey a friend. You guys bought from one of the best
                  good luck on rooting everybody!!


                  • #41
                    Ok, i went back to hit harvey twice found 3 more varieties...im think i should be good for a year or so till i need any more cuttings.....😁
                    Myfigs:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...QMA/edit#gid=0. WL: I 258, violeta, RDB, Black Ischia, Raspberry Latte, Malta black, Figo Preto, Galacia Negra, Black Zadar. Spokane, Wa. Z6


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                      Originally posted by greenfig View Post
                      So where do you order them from?
                      Looks like many ppl will get busy really soon, congrats!
                      I wonder if we can get back to those lists in a few months and calculate the success rate.
                      I’m grafting these and will root the other half. I don’t want to take chances as they’re expensive and exotic for me. Plus I only bought one of
                      white Madeira #1
                      capoll curt negra
                      bebera branca
                      cdd gris (vasile strain)
                      Fallbrook,ca hater of melon figs


                      • ZomVee
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                        Nice picks, I wish you the best of luck!

                    • #43
                      Stuck to my guns and only picked up Planera and San Miro Piro. I had second thoughts about Ischia Black and Palmata Hybrid, but I'm going to call it quits for now.
                      Springfield, OR - Zone 8b ISO: San Miro Piro, Hative d'Argenteuil, Campaniere, Planera


                      • venturabananas
                        venturabananas commented
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                        Unless you are importing the wasp or want to use it as rootstock, don't bother with Palmata Hybrid. It needs to be pollinated to hold fruit.

                      • DerekWatts
                        DerekWatts commented
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                        venturabananas Yup, I'm interested in it as rootstock but also for hand pollination (and obviously the novelty). I do appreciate the warning, though. I'm sure I wouldn't be the first person to buy a caducous variety without knowing it.

                    • #44
                      Nada so far!
                      i almost pulled the trigger on DFIC0023 hybrid but I I’m just going to have to wait.
                      good luck rooting and growing though!
                      Tucson AZ zone 9a


                      • #45
                        I got a few Greek fig cuttings and others. I kept it a short list. My transaction was done within 15 minutes. I could not believe Lampeira Prusch was sold out so quick. Maybe next year.
                        De La Roca
                        Black Madeira
                        Lampeira Prusch-sold out


                        • #46
                          First time purchasing from him and it was a day after the sale started. So I just picked up a handful that I thought sounded good:
                          • Excel
                          • LSU Champagne
                          • UCR 184-15
                          • Achaiko Mavro
                          Current grow list: LSU Purple, VDB, Panache, Yolo Bypass, UCD GR, Ben’s GR, Cuervo Oscuro, LdA
                          Grow zone: 7a/b


                          • Seattlefiggirl
                            Seattlefiggirl commented
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                            i love lsu champagne i hope to compare excel to it this summer.

                          • FigDude
                            FigDude commented
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                            Nice! I have LSU Purple but it was way too small to fruit last year! Good to hear Champagne is good!

                        • #47
                          Harvey still has great choices available.
                          CdDame Noir...(two types) among others.
                          Piney Point Village, Zone 8b


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                            I still can't believe how many varieties sold out that quick. Makes you wonder what the community will do once sales like Harvey's and Wills' are no longer the norm.


                            • SoCalFigs
                              SoCalFigs commented
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                              I'd love to see the growth trend on the fig community as a whole....for instance...how many individuals ordered this year compared to last year and how many are first time fig growers.

                            • MyDogMike
                              MyDogMike commented
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                              Exactly, what changed between this year and last?

                            • SoCalFigs
                              SoCalFigs commented
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                              Last year, I remember the record amount of people on Ourfigs was around 500-600 I believe....before it shot up to 3000+ in December...Word of mouth? Number of YouTube videos being circulated? All are factors I'm sure.

                          • #49
                            Hope your cutting game is strong or u just wasted your money.


                            • Lucrative
                              Lucrative commented
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                              Yeah, dude. I suck really bad at rooting cuttings. I just love blowing money. Particularly on rare fig cuttings. It give me happiness that I'm going to get the cutting and kill it, knowing that because I bought it, someone else will lose out on the chance to grow the variety.

                          • #50
                            Just received tracking info! Woot woooooooot. Thanks again HarveyC for all your hard work!
                            Evan....I mean Eric.
                            SoCal - Zone 10a