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  • First To Leaf Out in 2020

    This tree is ridiculous!! It was, by far, the first last year too. It’s NOT spring time here but this tree just doesn’t care. 😂

    This is a single crop caprifig that appears to be isolated from other nearby caprifigs but interestingly, last year I found wasps in the early spring caprifigs. That is strange because it would mean that there has to be a nearby one that actually ripens the winter crop VERY early so they can populate this caprifig. Looks like I need to go exploring and see if I can locate that one too.
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    Eric - Santa Barbara, CA Zone 10a

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    That's potentially valuable. Do you think the earliness is related to the plant's traits or is there possibly a microclimate at work?
    Springfield, OR - Zone 8b
    WL: Ischia Black, Iranian Candy


    • Evdurtschi
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      That’s what I’m thinking. This might be a valuable trait. I see no reason why this would have a microclimate different from others. It’s on an unexposed hillside. It does get full sun but most of my trees get full sun

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    starting to grow here at my home in louisiana, not as much as yours though.
    Independence Louisiana Zone 8B


    • Evdurtschi
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      Most of mine won’t start for another 6 weeks

    • Nick Costanza
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      we will probably get a few more hard freezes in February

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    Mine are starting to wake up and grow here in North Florida. It's been unusually warm.
    North Central Florida, Zone 9a.


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      My Zappia figs never really went dormant here, started setting more main crop like a month ago. Cavaliere woke up after I knocked off the few remaining leaves like 3 weeks ago and it's in full on grow mode. We got one or two nights below 32, then it's been relatively warm. Rodgrod, Nina 4 and LSU Black woke up as well. They don't quite know what to do with the weather this year.
      -Luke S. at Keesler AFB, 9a
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        Here in Fresno everything is in a deep dormancy. Usually by March is when bud break will occur. We are consistently in the low to mid 30’s at night.


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          An inground Green Ischia has 5 new full size leaves. That is 3 to 4 weeks earlier than 2019.
          Zone 9b
          S of Tampa Bay, FL