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  • OT Spinoff: seed swap!

    At the risk of overextending my gardening abilities, I'd like to swap for a few seeds since I have some extras. I get mine from Baker Creek rare seeds, and have the following: Minnesota Midget melons, Charentais melons, Amarillo carrots, Fordhook zucchini, and a Yellow giant sunflower freebie. If anyone has some sun gold cherry tomato seeds or an easy bigger tomato, PM me if I have something you want! I also have some HD seeds that did fine last year: Genovese basil, dill, oregano, arugula...

    Even if you don't have something to swap, let me know if you want some seeds! I'm too lazy to plant and care for them all! Lol!
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    Zone 7a in Virginia

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    I don't have any trades, I really like that site though. They seem pretty reasonably priced and generous. thanks;
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    • SarinaP
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      That's okay, PM me if you want anything I have!

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    I can tell you that the sungolds are delicious but high acid and not sweet like most cherry tomatoes. I hate cherry tomatoes because of that sweetness and I love the sungolds.
    Bob C.
    Kansas City, MO Z6


    • SarinaP
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      I grew them last year and loved them... Much more than my super sweet 100s even!

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    Hi Sarina,

    I only have a few cherry varieties on hand, but I have the majority of larger Heirloom cultivars from Sustainable Seed ( http://sustainableseedco.com/tomatoes/ ) and a large percentage of the heirlooms at
    TomatoFest ( https://www.tomatofest.com/index.html ) ...heirloom tomatoes are as addict-able as figs...

    If there are some that you'd like to try, PM me and I can send some seed your way.

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      Thanks to the awesomely generous Dale, I now have a good number of tomatoes that I'm looking forward to trying out this year. How many seeds of Sungold are you looking for? If it's just a few, I'd be happy to send you some. We only have room to grow up to 2-3 of any one variety if we're going to try a lot of new varieties. I *think* I also have Sweet Treat cherry tomato seeds left, which are delicious. And a bunch of others. PM me if interested!
      Bay Area, CA (zone: 9B)


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        Your seeds are on the way.
        Garden Pics