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  • What is Labritja Fig, anyone have it, is there a different name for it

    I bid and lost on this variety and checked later to find out the two cuttings sold for over $200, I bid on it because the fruits looked great in the pic, but didnt expect it to be that desirable.
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    Chicago Zone 5a/5b

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    I lost 5 listings for FDM4USA cuttings, I only bid on these because the fruits looks really good and a couple of them seems like a really good for dry figs. Im really disappointed I couldn't get at least one. Good luck for whoever won them.
    Chicago Zone 5a/5b


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      I’ve been watching their listings as well. All their figs look awesome. I still wish I would have won this fig... its on my one that got away list...
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      Vancouver, WA Zone 8b
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      A decent Summer.


      • Bellefleurs
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        Those are beautiful!

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      Just wait on all of them. Let them get spread around, the price will drop and people will report on which ones are good.
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      • Avant_gardener
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        This definitely seems like the smart play. Surprising they’re going for so much given how little info seems available for some of em.

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      Originally posted by MJA829 View Post
      FDM4USA cuttings
      These folks sell varieties introduced by Figues du Monde:

      Fruit crazed in Vista CA. http://tangentvectors.com


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        It is unlikely that figs with about. Ibiza will good fruiting well in Chicago. Possibly imported illegally?


        • Richard
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          They do "the fig shuffle" in Chicago.
          The cuttings are imported by the status quo method, then propagated legally here in the U.S.

        • acerpictum
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          The seller's first and only mention of this variety was on figbid from Old Greenwich. I thought that the variety was imported to the United States recently.
          Is this some raritet from a small village on a small island? Or a synonym for a varieties well known on the mainland?