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    I'm needing to up pot my figs and sm thinking of doing it into SIPs. Can someone tell me how to know how often to water? I know you're watering from the bottom. So should the top of the soil always be moist or will that be too much water? Any help with successful use of SIPs would be appreciated! Thank you!!!

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    I'm still in the research phase getting ready to build some SIPs. The designs I've seen all have drain holes to prevent overwatering and provide an air pocket for aeration. My understanding is that you just fI'll the reservoir to keep it from drying out and let the tree take what it needs.

    My guess would be that if the surface soil is moist, something isn't working right...but I'm no expert so I'll leave it to those with more knowledge than me yo answer that.
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      I always kept my 5 gallon sip reservoirs filled and the top of the soil was always moist from what I recall. My tops were covered with plastic. It might not be as moist if not covered.
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        These links may help you. I'm a huge fan of SIPs. You will have to check the water supply every day during the summer months. Mine were drinking over a gallon a day in 5 gallon buckets. I have since moved on to the rain gutter system, all fed by rain barrels. Completely hands free! Now, all I do is look at them every day.

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          Last year was my first in growing figs in SIPs. I did not cover them, and we had lots of rain the first few months of the year and I basically watered only to fertilize. From mid-July on we did not get rain for about 6-7 weeks. The figs in their second season in 5g SIPs needed watered about every 3 days. The younger plants rooted that spring that I put in SIPs in July needed far less water, they were smaller plants losing less water thru their leaves I think. Without rain, and uncovered, the tops of mine were not moist even with pine bark mulch on top, but down about a finger length there was always dampness.
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