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  • Efficient way to wring water out of coir/peat

    You will need a resuable shopping bag. It has to be of a particular material though for water to seep through. See upclose pics. Lastly, a mop wringer.

    Three to four pull of the lever will get almost all the water out, and the coir will be in a perfect moist condition.

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    Neat trick. Best trick I found is only add 80% of the recommended water on the coir package its usually the right amount. Much easier to add than take away.
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        This is a good idea but I also like to add just the right level of moisture and stop so as to prevent the need to get rid of water. With sp. moss I just spray the dry moss with a squirt bottle, mix, spray a bit more, mix, and so on until the moisture level seems right. That is how I would approach using coir and peat as well.
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          I buy coir in blocks because its cheap and easy to manage. I put it in a utility sink and run water in sprinkle mode over it for a while and then mix the wetter stuff with the drier that/s loosened from the block until its about right. Also can let it sit and drain overnight with a toss or two to expose more to air if not in a hurry.

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        Another coir tip is to hydrate it with a diluted fertilizer like miracle grow or Jack's original. When rooting I seldom have to rewater the cuttings before up potting so a little fertilizer gives them a boost.
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          Any1 tie the bag together and do spin cycle in washing machine. This could work well also.😁👍
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            Too risky. Loose coir won't drain, or clog drain pipe. And if the bag ripped, then you just give yourself a lot of extra cleaning work