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    Mine is a dwarf Cavendish from Wellspring.
    Scott - Colorado Springs, CO - Zone 4/5 (Depending on the year) - Elevation 6266ft

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      Hi, Jamie0507 ! I'm not a banana expert but I'm sure you have not under-fertilized them. You don't have any deficiencies but the balance of N to K may be off. Bananas are different than a lot of plants because they have super high K requirements. Even their leaves have more K than N. So while you're not deficient you have 2 potential issues.

      One is a high N to K ratio (relative to the plant's requirement). I wouldn't add more fertilizer at this point but I would stop using foliage pro and after letting some salts wash out find something with a ratio perhaps 0-0-10 or 3-1-12 or something like that to go with your Osmocote. You want your total fertilizer ratios to be K>N>P. Your fertigating fertilizer is better off without micronutrients since your Osmocote provides them. The good news is that Pro-Tekt has some K in it.

      Two is that you may have excess salts in your pot. You are giving them 1.5 - 2x the recommended amount of fertilizer. and since two have trace elements, twice the recommended amount of those, also. I don't know the sodium content of what you're using but excess sodium will inhibit the absorption of Potassium (K), further worsening the N/K imbalance. Your fish fertilizer may have taken a month or more to release its N as well.

      Now all that is just a guess. Your plant is not unhealthy. I'm assuming it's warm and you have a mix that drains easily. If so when you water use enough so some drains out of the pot. That will wash some salts out. Do that for maybe 3 waterings and then continue the Osmocote but switch to a fertilizer with much more K than N and as little P as you can.

      Best of luck. Here's some info on Banana culture.

      I decided this was better as a post so it will be easier to find in the future.
      Bob C.
      Kansas City, MO Z6


      • Jamie0507
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        Thank you Bob! This makes a lot of sense to me.. Your postings have helped me on so many occasions, I want to let you know that I really appreciate you for taking the time to give me your input I was getting ready to super dose these banana trees with fertilizer but now I see & agree with your assessment.. I've got to learn a whole bunch more about how fertilizers in general work, but your explanation has most definitely opened my eyes to the importance of maintaining balance and that "more" is not always better.. Seems its the right mix of nutrients in the proper proportions for each particular type of plant.. Boy I sure have a lot to learn! Lol thanks again Bob!

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      Yes, great info here. I'm not going to waste time showing my tree. It's embarrassing compared to you all's lush green trees. In my defense, my goal was to make it go as close to dormant as a plant like this can go last fall and then just hold it in stasis of sorts this winter in the sun room, I accomplished that. In about a month it's going to go from a 5 to 10 gallon pot and I suppose I'll have to figure out some way to double the pot again this summer. Bananas might be a good candidate to build the larger wooden box type planter/pot for, seeing they shouldn't really be a long term occupant.
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        I'm hoping for some bananas from this Dwarf Cavendish that I started growing Summer 2015.It was about a foot tall when I got it. I cut off the pups to try to get maximum growth and bananas as soon as possible.

        I'm storing it in the crawlspace until Spring arrives.

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          That is pretty much what mine looks like, except not that big and it has one light green mostly unfurled leaf sticking straight up.

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        I want to grow organic crop. Giving all the fertilizers makes organic? Fertilizers are good for health of humans?


        • Jamie0507
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          There are both organic & inorganic fertilizers out there, just a matter of personal preference. I try to stick with organic when trying to treat pests/diseases etc. but not necessarily with fertilizers.. To each his/her own I suppose but from what I've read when bananas are actively growing they are huge feeders, and that makes it more difficult to keep up using only organic fertilizers especially in a potted culture. Just my 2 cents, but I'm always open to hearing from others.. Im here to learn from everyone and share experiences.

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        I have over 20 types Of fruiting Bananas what are you wanting PM me


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          Here are a few pic's I grow in ground and Pots I also Grow Papaya
          You may only view thumbnails in this gallery. This gallery has 3 photos.


          • Jamie0507
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            What beauties they are Joe! Wow sure wish I had your climate so I could leave them outdoors all year too They are not happy in my house during the winters here that's for sure!

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            I'm so jealous