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  • Saxonfig
    Thank you everyone for them welcome to this side of the fig hedge (I like that Bob).

    James. UH, well. I guess that's right. I honestly didn't even realize there was another FigWhisperer over there. My 10 yr old son is the one who came up with this one for me. Thought it was pretty clever of him so I couldn't NOT use it ;-) . If it gets to be too much confusion, I could always revert back to saxonfig before I get too well established here as figwhisperer. What do you all think?

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  • GreenFin
    Just to be clear, figwhisperer here and FigWhisperer at f4f are different people, right?

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  • Taverna78
    Ciao and welcome you new home

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  • jmaler

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  • Harborseal
    Welcome to this side of the fig hedge!

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  • Wisner
    Welcome to the forum. The cuttings I got from you were very good quality.

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  • Saxonfig
    started a topic $3 cuttings for sale

    $3 cuttings for sale

    I haven't posted much over here and it looks like I've been missing out! A lot of good topics & info.

    I'm saxonfig over on Figs4Fun by the way. I hope nobody minds my offering a few cuttings here to those of you who might be interested.

    All cuttings are $3 each.

    Mostly just some common varieties. The Hardy Chicago and Italian Honey are (as usual) some pretty large/hefty pieces.

    Here's what I have:
    75 - Hardy Chicago
    35 - Italian Honey
    20 - Haikel Brunswick (once established, cold hardy down to about 5F)
    10 - Celeste
    06 - Unknown Owensboro (Found growing in Owensboro, KY. Similar to HC but much better flavor IMO)

    If you're interested, just send me an email with the varieties & quantities of each that you'd like. I'll get back to you with a total after shipping. On most smaller orders, the shipping will be $3-$4.

    Please send your mailing address when you get back to me with your choices.

    For simplicity reasons, please only use this email: [email protected]

    Thanks everyone.

    Looking forward to spending more time over here at Ourfigs.

    And, as always.....Fig Well and Prosper :-)
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