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  • UNK Chitalia cuttings--what lovely leaves!

    As the subject says. These are some of the first to put out leaves in the direct pot group. Such delicate and finger-like leaves!
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    They look great! Have you had good luck with the direct pot method? I had trouble regulating the water and most failed from rot.
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      Thus far, I've had excellent results (I think). I set mine up 12/28 and about 40-50% have budded out through the paraffin tape. I'm using Tim Clymer's method with the ProMix pre-moistened with the Clonex irrigation solution (not the gel...the concentrate mixed and used for watering). After setting the cuttings in the pots, water with the Clonex mix just until the pot starts draining (I used a catch basin to reuse what ran out). After that, set them aside and do nothing. I set mine on the heat mats (74F-78F) and under lights timed for 16 on/8 off.

      At the end of January, the pots were noticeably lighter. I think having them on the heat mats and in the vicinity of a dehumidifier gets them to dry out faster. I made up a couple batches of the Clonex rooting irrigation mix in open buckets. I held the pots in 6" of the mix for 8-10 seconds each to water from the bottom and returned them to the tray. I spot checked this afternoon and the pots seemed light again, so using a marinade injector, I gave each pot 5-10ml of the Clonex mixture again.

    • Iowafig
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      I will have to try again as you described. I used the clonex gel and scored the cutting. It seemed I wrapped the cutting too far below where the soil surface was. The ones that did well the film was just above or at the soil line.

    • DBJohnson
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      Mine are all wrapped to about an inch below the soil line. For me, these are probably the easiest method. Just stick it and forget it.
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    Perfecto Bryant!! She is very fast grow!
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      I was also going to say that they have the most beautiful leaves!
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