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  • St. Anthony Fig

    Hello everyone! I don't post much, but I do a lot of reading. It's my first year grown various figs. I want to ask if anyone has a picture of a St. Anthony fig. I've searched the internet and have seen pictures of some with a red interior and others with a white interior. The white interior fig looks identical to my Lemon Honey fig so I'm curious to see if they are one and the same. Can anyone clarify this fig for me?


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    I thought Latturella, Itallian Honey, and St. Anthony's were all synonymous or at least very similar.
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      Many of the pictures on the web are of caprified (pollinated) figs, grown in California.
      Caprification often changes the color of the pulp in addition to creating viable seeds.
      Many of the "Italian Honey type" figs are similar, but most have distinctive differences like skin color and pulp color.
      I don't have a St Anthony, but attached are two (2) different Unk Italian Honey types.
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        I bought a St Anthony from Jon. It has not given me any figs for over 6 yrs. It had a couple of die backs and grew stubbornly slow.
        I had pulled it out 2 seasons ago to check for root knots but none sighted. Any one having such issues on St Anthony from Encanto
        farms. This is the only variant out of the many that I imported from Jon that is slow growing. I am anxious to find out whether it produces
        a green fig or not.


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          Thank You for the responses
          I guess I'll keep searching
          if anybody in Canada has some cuttings that I can buy of St Anthony please let me know. Thank You.