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  • Ponte Tresa Article

    European Fig Group on facebook has this post for interested readers. Some photos also.

    Vineeth Nair

    14 hrs · Bognor Regis, United Kingdom

    ****SOLD OUT*****
    I have few Ponte Tresa Cuttings from the mother tree on offer. These cuttings are very fresh and fully dormant. This tree was discovered by Frank on his holidays, however his cuttings never made it to the United States. Later he received cuttings from my good friend Rob Ster who respects and values our European fig trees. I was lucky to visit the mother tree last week as I was travelling with my family in Germany and with the help of Rob Ster I gathered few cuttings which I am willing to sell for a decent price. Please find attached pictures. Some pictures are from Rob Ster with permission (not franks picture) and the rest is my own picture showing you the original tree . Cuttings from the mother tree were taken by many people and some claiming to have the real deal. Lots of people came and took cuttings and caused much damage to the tree however all they had to do was the RIGHT THING seek permission from the owner NOT stealing from a private property. The tree was planted by landscapers few years ago and as you can see its near the lake drinking mineral rich water from the Swiss mountains, hence the taste I recon . I also saw that people took cuttings form the second fig tree over there . So I really hope they know which one is the real Ponte Tresa. For more information feel free to message me . Cuttings £60 each . Plus Ems or Ups express shipping of your choice
    Jerry, Canyon Lake TX 8b

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    That tree is doomed.


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      I find it deeply unsettling that people take cuttings from a tree that isn't theirs - and then sell them for big bucks.

      Let's think this through. If someone rang your doorbell and said "Can I get a cutting from your fig tree" you'd probably say yes. But if they asked "Can I take cuttings from your fig tree and sell them" - i bet your answer would be No! Or at least you'd expect part of the profit.
      Fig & Blackberry Farmer in Sunol, CA.


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        Agree with smatthew. Should always clearly state the purpose of the cuttings,if not for personal use.