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  • I think I've found the best rooting spot in my house.

    I had posted this cutting doing business in the bathroom about a week ago. Now that we have leaves, I needed a better spot so I could shine some light on it. It's been on top of the fridge for several days with a very bright LED lamp on it The fridge isn't really providing any heat, but the LED lamp puts off just a slight bit of heat, enough to make the lid sweat. It also gets a LOT of humidity when we have our gas logs running about 20 feet away. As we all know, heat rises. When I raise my hand, it's a good 10° warmer and this little plant is loving it. I swear I can almost watch it grow right before my eyes. The last pic shows what the face of the LED lamp looks like. Just a single LED.
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    Frank ~ zone 7a VA