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  • trying to root cuttings for the first time,how much should I pay?

    I've got 4 going using A parafilm method and want to try/ buy more, but the real question is what are cuttings worth?for the ones I got I paid @18 bucks shipping inc. for two pieces of sion wood 1VBD and1 hardy chicago is that about right? I don't want someones show stopping rare prize fig,I just want some cold hardy cuttings I can learn with.I'm being "cheep" this year as I just lost most or all of the ones I had going last season to mice the other day I hope they come back from the roots as people have told me but I would Like to be able to count on some for this year

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    Eh... Idk. It's not too bad but I've been selling 2 cuttings of VdB for $4.99 on ebay for a few weeks. There's another very reputable seller charging $3 per VdB cutting on his private shop. I wouldn't feel regretful about that if I were you but definitely shop around in the future.

    Check on the forums every so often this time of year for discount sales. I just had one where I charged $2 per cutting + your choice of shipping.

    Please don't be afraid of putting the name of an ebay seller in the title of a new post and asking the community if that person is trustworthy. Truth-seeking is good for everyone.

    But again, I think the sale was ok. I have to say though, when I was a hardcore newbie, I paid $50 for three RdB cuttings in an ebay auction by drivewayfarmer. In his email he goes, "I feel like I should give you something else along with this so I'm just gonna add some Adriatic JH to your package..." lol

    The value of any variety is hard to quantify. Figs are easy to propagate and the value can plummet from one year to the next. I think during the sales season, just doing price comparison is your best bet when assessing the value. But definitely, if the cost of cuttings is running up on the cost of a fully rooted and shippable tree from somewhere like Raintree nursery... I mean... psh

    You might want to hit up saxonfig to see if he has any "Unknown Owensboro" cuttings left. Apparently, they're in the same family of Mt Etna figs (Hardy Chicago, Takoma Violet, etc.) but have a superior flavor. He was selling them for $3 a piece. I bought some in 2015 and they're doing really well.
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      I think those are good prices. As another newbie I've been trying to pay $5 or less for each cutting I buy. Not trying to pay much for something fancy which I will likely kill.
      Jose in Glen Arm, Maryland.... Zone 7a


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        When buying on eBay I try to stick to the auctions with the "Buy it Now" option.

        Don't forget to look at the list of trusted sellers on one of the sticky topics and like Levar said, feel free to ask about someone on the forum. Folks are always willing to share there experience with that buyer.

        Good Luck.
        Kevin (Eastern MA - Zone 5b/6a)


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          thank you all,I've been lurking around for a year,I just have to force myself to post more.


          • fitzski
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            I've had great luck with kerry's (drivewayfarmer) cuttings.

          • GregMartin
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            I second that...and Kerry is also in NH. I'm a bit further away (in ME near the NH border). Drop me a PM and I can give you cuttings of many of the hardier varieties if you'd like. Welcome neighbor!

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          Heck, if you time it right and are sincere in your newly acquired fig addiction, some people will give you cuttings for the price of shipping. Usually around the beginning of winter. I had a whole bunch of local friends ask their families and turned up with cuttings coming out of my ears. I can ship you some SoCal unknowns, but they ain't "cold hardy" necessarily.


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            This is a great question. I would encourage you to make some attempt at quantifying your end game. If you have space for just 10 varieties then be selective with what you buy, and consider some of the more choice varieties. If you have space to over winter then you can go for a larger collection. Zone 5b has its challenges. If you want to learn how to grow cuttings practice on the super common varieties then treat yourself to the good and better stuff.

            Don't fill up in cheap potato chips when they are serving prime rib!

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            Really happy with what I have.


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              If the Chicago Hardy doesn't make it, let me know. I always seem to have extra rooted ones around, and I travel through N H a few times a year.
              Hi my name is Art. I buy fig cuttings-so I can grow more figs-so I can sell more figs-so I can buy more fig cuttings-so I can grow more figs....


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                If you are just wanting to learn to root cuttings, check out your local big box stores for fig trees. You can buy one fairly cheap and take cuttings to practice on and still have a tree to enjoy. Once you get your confidence to rooting you can obtain some other varieties off ebay and forums, some that are not normally found at the local stores.
                Jerry, Canyon Lake TX 8b


                • COGardener
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                  That is assuming that the big box stores in your area carry them.

                  Not all do.

                • cjmach1973
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                  I have never seen fig trees in the box stores in New England

                • chefmon
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                  I can root pretty much anything,even last year as a total noob to fig growing I bought potted just to get ahead of the game

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                You could also buy figs are various online nurseries. Instead of rooting cuttings you can buy plants too. I'm fairly new only growing figs a year, but decades of growing experience. I rooted all of mine, just because I like a challenge. Hopefully I will offer cuttings in the future.


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                  Scott - Colorado Springs, CO - Zone 4/5 (Depending on the year) - Elevation 6266ft

                  “Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple.” – Bill Mollison


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                    Something else you might want to consider is that SOME of the nicer (pricier) varieties are also slow growers. Slow to root, slow to grow, and slow to put on figs. So if you are looking to practice rooting, maybe a more vigorous rooter that is also hardy would be what you should look at.
                    Houston, TX Zone 9a


                    • chefmon
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                      that's pretty much what I was thinking.now I just have to work on a better storage plan for next year.1st world problems I know but this is probably the biggest garden disaster in my years of growing stuff.

                    • Sarahkt
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                      Yeah, and it'll be handy to have vigorous growers as older trees for when you get around to acquiring nicer/pricier varieties that are tough to root and/or slow growers. You can graft some of the more difficult and desireable varieties onto the strong growers -- it's good for peace of mind and also you may just want more real estate for the new varieties.

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                    chefmon ,
                    Now is a great time to find a space you might have that will allow safe overwintering.
                    When starting out , I put a high /low thermometer wherever I thought might work and found my dirt floor barn basement would function for storage.
                    Even though not ideal , colder than ideal and higher humidity , everything overwinters fine.
                    For NH I strongly recommend getting at least one Ronde de Bordeaux started now.
                    I may have some extra cuttings of RDB , get in touch if you could use them.
                    Nice to have yet another fig grower in the area.
                    Best ,
                    Kerry - NH zone 5


                    • chefmon
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                      I thought my shed was perfect never had mice before.I think I'll just build an insulated box with a door so I can add heat for those few weeks/ days in February that need it .thank you for the offer But I think I will try to find and buy some larger ones potted up closer to spring and RDB is one I want and two or three others just too have some fruit this summerthanks so much for the warm welcome,Jerry

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                    Sorry willsc if this isn't allowed, feel free to remove.

                    OP check it out $2 cuttings http://figs4funforum.websitetoolbox....pid=1290945107


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                      Update,I pulled my figs out of the shed one of the tarps was destroyed by mice.the other had a nest in it but none of the figs were touched
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                        Chefmon, heres a thought, in your signature area here, make a short list of the cuttings you want/wish you had and well...maybe some nice members here can send some to you for a good price or maybe even free! What are you looking for by the way?


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                          Originally posted by SmyFigs View Post
                          Chefmon, heres a thought, in your signature area here, make a short list of the cuttings you want/wish you had and well...maybe some nice members here can send some to you for a good price or maybe even free! What are you looking for by the way?
                          Thank you,great idea,but I have more than enough cuttings for this year thanks to members here.


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                            Thats great!!