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  • Is this organic potting soil good for cutting ?

    I have bought this organic potting soil from Costco. Please comments if this potting soil is good to use for cutting or not.
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    I guess it could be worth a try, but maybe someone with more experience will have a better answer for you. I've used potting soil with perlite mixed in before, and it seemed to work ok. I've mixed it 50% potting soil and 50% perlite. Also, as mentioned in another thread, make sure you sift/rinse the perlite, otherwise it'll turn into concrete.


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      It depends on what the potting soil is comprised of and what the ratios are. Most figs like a well draining mix which added perlite and calcined clay can help with. If the mix is 100% organics, I would at least add perlite like johnny said.

      Let us know how it goes.
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        How are you planning on starting your cuttings?
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          Thanks to all for the great comments. I started using this organic potting soil with 10% perlite for my cuttings, but not sure why the result so far is not as good as I expected.


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            One of the first things I learned when I got into this hobby is that anything that says "soil" will likely rot your cuttings and new roots rather than promote growth. The reason is that it holds far too much moisture for root development and has no aeration for air movement.

            Check out this discussion topic for excellent info on growing media for rooting and potting figs:

            Many members have discussed and often posted their preferred mixes, the major ingredients of some are listed below for comparison to a few custom mixes...
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              Potting Soils usually contain soil microbes and or insects.
              Organic Potting Soils will also usually contain similar soil microbes and or insects.

              "Organic Potting Mixes" may also contain soil microbes and insects due to the usual ingredient of "Organic Compost".

              IMO, eliminating the possible sources of "Damping Off" microbes that cause rot and root rot in the early stage of cutting growth can only increase your rooting success rates. Good Luck.
              Pete R - Hudson Valley, NY - zone 5b


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                Hi Pete, Noted with thanks. Can I use up this organic potting soil for other young figs to be potted in 1 or 2 gal pots or better to use up for other mature fig trees ?

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                I use organic fertilizers and compost once the cuttings are at or past the 1 gallon stage. Good luck.