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  • Filacciano Bianco

    Filacciano Bianco! I'm on a roll this morning, so let's load up another. As always, please load any pictures you may have here and to the variety index. I see Rewton made a good post there already.

    Filacciano Bianco is a popular fig from central Italy (Lazio region), it's name translates to 'Breba White'. It is also listed as simply 'Filacciano' on some sites. It was introduced by Gene Hosey who acquired it from an Italian source, however an f4f member has recently offered cuttings from 'Filacciano' that their family had brought over from Italy in the 70's which looks the same. There are likely other 'independent' introductions as well.

    It is a San Pedro type, but 10-20% of the main crop may still ripen without pollination. Brebas ripen in early to mid July (mid-Atlantic). Figs are green to yellow-green with pink flesh and sweet, honey flavor, maybe some strawberry undertones. drivewayfarmer said it was his second best breba after Adriatic JH. Can be left to ripen until golden-brown.

    Gene Hosey reported it was one of the hardiest breba varieties he grew, producing fruit unprotected in his Southern Maryland, zone 7, garden. Some mid-Atlantic growers have said they prefer this variety to Desert King since it is more reliable and hardier. Vigorous, upright growth habit.

    For me it has been difficult to root, another forum member reported it seems slow to root. Hopefully I'll have better luck with a new batch. It doesn't seem many people are growing this yet, but hopefully it will be distributed much more in the coming years. What scant info is out there indicates this variety should be grown much more widely!
    SE PA
    Zone 6

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    Grew it for over 6 yrs. Likely its going places as it doesn't taste as good as Desert King.


    • Kelby
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      Interesting comment Paully, here on the East Coast some growers prefer it to DK. Out there in the PNW you prefer Desert King! The fun never ends.

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    I grow Filacciano and for me it was the only tree that had some die back on 1 branch this year. I left my trees out until mid december but keep in mind i'm in zone 8b.
    That makes me wonder why it is rated as cold hardy.
    Breba's are good indeed but i prefer Dauphine breba crop over Filacciano.
    Rotterdam / the Netherlands.
    Zone 8B


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      Got cuttings of Filacciano Bianco from a generous member a couple of weeks ago and currently rooting them.
      Otmani - Dallas, TX - Zone 8a
      Wish List: Sbayi, Shtawi, Ghzali, Brogiotto Bianco.