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  • First 2016 Ripe Figs in February

    Last spring four Adriatic JH cuttings rooted for me in a single pot. Around August the four plants loaded up with figs and stalled out. Later on the trees went dormant dropping there leaves but not the figs. As the weather got cold the pot of trees was brought indoors to a dark corner in the cool bedroom where it stayed untill about two weeks ago when the weather warmed. This pot along with some of my more expensive figs was moved outdoors on the porch where they receive sun most of the day.

    A week ago I picked the first of these figs. This was a day or so after watering the trees. While not sour or fermented the fig was watery and flavorless. Today I picked one of the figs that has been getting softer by the day for the past several days. It was quite tasty. I wish I had more of these. Keeping fingers crossed as another one is starting to get soft.

    I now know figs can be wintered over and ripen to product a tasty fig.
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    Jerry, Canyon Lake TX 8b

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    You guys in south are killing me!πŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ‘ŠπŸΌ
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      That's awesome. Seems to prove that unripe figs can hang on trees for months through dormancy under the right conditions and then be brought to fruition the following year. Very interesting.

      I have brebas on a couple trees that I am trying to nurse through to ripening in early April, if not late March, by using a combination of window light, a couple PAR 30 LED spotlights, and occasional shuffling outside for direct sunlight when possible.

      One tree is a little Marseilles (White) and the other is an unknown that could be Conadria.

      If successful, this would provide a ripe fig about 3 months prior to any rip fig here last year, which came on July 4th from the same unknown possibly Conadria tree. And this would provide a ripe fig about 4.5 months after last year's final pair of ripe Ginoso figs on November 19.

      This is going to nearly ridiculous lengths lacking a greenhouse, but it's a fun test, and maybe something can be learned from it.
      Tony WV 6b


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        Congratulations! I would not have guessed that this would work with a fully dormant tree that's seen temps below freezing. What are the lowest temperatures the tree saw?
        Bob C.
        Kansas City, MO Z6


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          Bob, my tree never saw freeze. The lowest probably mid 30's. In early weinter on freeze nights the plants were brought indoors to cool temps. As nights temps tended to remain at or near the freeze mark plants were left indoors until recently.
          Jerry, Canyon Lake TX 8b


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            Good to hear that they are turning out good. I have a few on a couple of my trees in the garage. It got down to about 28F. It'll be a while longer before I get to see what happens.
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