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  • Banner varieties

    What are the varieties on the banner?

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    I will defer that one to Wills.
    newnandawg 7b Newnan, GA


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      OK, as long as we're talking about the banner...
      regarding the last two on the right hand side -- is that their natural shape, or are the aspect ratios stretched horizontally a bit? They're just playing on my OCD notions of the way things ought to be ;-)
      Jim -- Central NJ, Zone 6b


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        Originally posted by newnandawg View Post
        I will defer that one to Wills.

        I have no idea The pictures are Rafed's, he sent me the pictures and I made the banner but the pictures were not labeled as to the variety.

        Jim good eye, yes it is stretched just a bit laterally.
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          Uncle Wills, I am surprised there is not a Sweetcrisp berry in the middle of the figs. Just sayin...