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  • Threefold farm Ourfigs.com discount

    Just to let everyone know Tim at threefold Farm is offering a 10% discount for ourfigs members for the next week. It is the last week he will be shipping plants for the spring season. While Tim is a competitor he sells quality plants and I really appreciate the discount for our members so if you are in the market check it out.

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    Thanks Wills! To get the discount, the code is OURFIGS10OFF. Let me know if you have trouble using it.

    We've loved shipping figs around the nation but due to two new little ones at home and a busy spring season we'll be suspending shipping sales at the end of the week. We still have some really good cultivars available. We'll likely resume shipping in the fall once the growing season is over.


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      Always too much that needs done and not nearly enough time


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        I got my Black Madeira and Kathleen's Black from Tim and his family.

        The trees came expertly packaged, fully rooted, and totally healthy. His communication and response time has been excellent from the start and until many months after he had my money. He is transparent, forthcoming, and a good addition to the list of people you'll learn you can trust. He was able to provide information about the line of descent with my trees so don't be afraid to ask him about yours.

        Thanks again, Tim.


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          That's a nice offer. Checking out the site now. Thanks Tim.


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            I bought 5 figs from Tim last June. It was a very easy transaction, the plants were strong and of very high quality and they were packed beautifully and all are thriving.


            Really happy with what I have.


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              I was able to visit Tim last fall, he does have real nice trees!!!

              I got 2 and they are doing fantastic!
              Scott - Colorado Springs, CO - Zone 4/5 (Depending on the year) - Elevation 6266ft

              “Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple.” – Bill Mollison


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                Thanks all for the kind comments!


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                  Hi, Tim !
                  ​Good to see you here today .
                  All of the 3 G trees I bought from you last fall are doing very well despite the fact that I have asked you to remove 2/3 of the root ball when shipping . By the time they came to me, dormant state, I did the root trimming one more time and even divided/cut down all of them so I now have at least 3 or 4 trees + a number of cuttings from each of your tree/variety .
                  During the last 3 months, after the first initial watering, I left them in my atrium and ignored them . Now all of them wake up and shoot out beautifully . Figs are tough, so am I hehehe.
                  Thank you so much for providing me such healthy trees to start with . Your prices are very reasonable and I strongly believe that all are true to the name .
                  Wish you the very best for the year of 2016 sales . Will definitely buy more ...
                  Please keep me in touch if you have more varieties coming up for sale in Spring .

                  I just move this tree outside for fresh air since the weather here is now 51 F and will be 68 soon .
                  It is now in 1 G pot since the roots are not fully developed , but I will repot it to 3 G once the tree grows bolder
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