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  • First Fig Chores

    With my last frost date coming up at the end of the month, I'm happy to transition from babysitter to gardener. My first job is to dig and amend a trench for my espalier experiment. What is everyone else up to?
    Zone 7a in Virginia

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    Still dealing with tis bipolar Mother Nature
    Zone 5 Chicago IL Wish list:
    1) Rest peacfully Amico Bello Buddy πŸ‘ΌπŸΌ.
    2) This weeks ebay auctions.


    • SarinaP
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      Amen! We're supposed to get (hopefully) one last snow this weekend.

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    This weekend I will be unwrapping the figs in my unheated greenhouse so they can get an early start. It's going to be in the 40's-50's for the next two weeks which means that temps in the GH will be in the 60's-70's most days.

    I'll also be trimming and repotting some of those figs too.

    How did I get so many fig trees?
    Kevin (Eastern MA - Zone 5b/6a)


    • SarinaP
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      I'm asking myself that same question!

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    My agenda for the season is to get as many fig trees in the ground as posible. This means holes need to be dug, trees planted and fences placed around each tree to protect from the deer.
    Jerry, Canyon Lake TX 8b


    • SarinaP
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      What type of fencing do you use?

    • jmaler
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      Anything I can get my hands on so long as it is not so rusty that it is rotted out all over. I try to build it at least 4 1/2 feet tall. As tree gets wider the fence needs to accommodate so it will need to be modified as time goes on both in diameter and height.

      While the tree is small the fence doesn't need to be tall with wide diameter as deer tend not to jump into small enclosures. As the tree gets taller the diameter of the pen needs to expand to the size of the tree.

      On the small 1-5 gal trees that are going in ground now I am using spare tomato cages made from 5 foot concrete reinforcing wire. I had some used 1 an 2 inch chicken wire to wrap around the cage at the areas needed to protect the leaves.

      Around here we don't do fancy. It just has to work.

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    I will be doing the following tasks in the next few weeks before the shuffle!

    1. Building a dolly to bring my little fig trees in and out of the garage, most likely start on that tomorrow. This will also be a big help for watering the plants all at once.

    2. Mix up another 30-40 gallons of medium for the remaining cuttings and my up-potting efforts.

    3. Bare-root and change medium on 3 plants that i want to be in a better draining medium.

    4. Possibly buy some shade cloth to install under my 2nd story deck for hardening the 1 gallon cuttings since i don't have much shade around my house that lasts all day.

    5. Get my 600W MH light setup in the garage and put my plants under it prior to going outside.

    May the Figs be with you!


    • SarinaP
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      Busy busy! I've got to do #2 as well... I need to make a list!

    • BrooklynMatty
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      I didn't have a comprehensive list till now, so thanks Sarina for starting this thread and getting me to document what needs to get done

    • SarinaP
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      My pleasure! Here's my list for the month while I'm waiting for the 7a last-frost date:

      1. Sketch out spacing for espalier on SW exterior wall
      2. Purchase bamboo and build fan forms for #1
      3. Dig the holes/trench out the new fig bed for #1
      4. Purchase CL 5-gallon buckets to make SIPs for up-potting
      5. Mix soil for the backyard and SIPs
      6. Turn and amend compost bin with soil from #3
      7. Make fig markers for all of the plants--thinking of using copper ones on stakes from HD

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    1. continue cold composting year round
    2. continue to monitor cuttings rooting; pot up as needed
    3. trench out fig beds, new or expanded
    4. begin air layer preparations
    when warmer; mostly after bud break:
    1. drill holes around bottom of pots for for any new trees to be partly embedded in ground for root escape
    2. move pots into place
    3. spread fall leaf piles into new bed areas around pots
    4. add lime, compost &/or other organic fertilizer as needed (pre & post bud break)
    5. plant comfrey & borage or other deep-root companion plants in and around new fig beds
    6. seed cosmos flowers to brighten the fig beds by mid summer till frost
    Tony WV 6b


    • SarinaP
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      Good reminder--I need to think about companion plants for my SIPs!

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    I don't know if I'd call it a chore because to me a chore is something akin to work. Putzing around with my fig trees is something I enjoy doing. I just finished pruning and up potting all my three year old trees. I'm glad I did because everybody is now breaking bud. Where I live they only get about two months of dormancy. Now that the sap is flowing I've got a number of shoots that I plan to air layer soon. It's also time to start giving all my guys their weekly "big gulp" of Humboldts Secret Golden Tree.
    Rick - Port Isabel, Texas / zone - 10a


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      Still have 6 to 8 weeks before the trees can be move outside but I've already started;
      1. Fabricating and up-potting 5 gallon SIPs for last season's 1 gallon pots.
      2. Root and branch pruning last season's 5 gallon SIPs, potting back into the same 5 gallon containers.
      3. Rooting cuttings from pruned branches...
      Pete R - Hudson Valley, NY - zone 5b


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        I've got to pull them out of my garage, and determine which figs needs to be root pruned or repotted. After I get that sorted out I might set up my pop up greenhouse tent and see if I can get them to break dormancy early. It's been a warm winter so I'm tempted to try to wake them up asap, but I'm also hesitant in case we get another cold snap.
        Queens NYC - Zone 7b
        (DatesNFigs at the other place.)


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          Making 2g, 3g, 4g, and 5g SIPs. Those icing buckets are between 2 and 3 gallons...but I've gotten lots of them.
          Bryant...Franklin County, VA...Zone 7a. Wish List: a 32 hour day....more sleep


          • BrooklynMatty
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            thats great news Bryant, cant wait to see your young pups in all these sips your building!

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          Bipolar Mother Nature is true! We are getting rain this weekend, which we desparately need.

          Chores for more than figs...

          1. Start second batch of seedlings for garden.
          2. Repot 3 bannana trees
          3. Fertilize bluberry & raspberry bushes
          4. Start another batch of fig cittings
          5. Prepare for rain; put cuttings back into my temp greenhouse.
          6. Turn over soil around yard: apple tree, orange tree, fuyu persimon & lemon tree
          7. Prepare side yard for planting new ginger plants
          8. Weed front area & prepare for spring flower beds
          9. Get worm tea started
          10. Spray Hong Kong Orchid tree with worm tea
          11. Bake something good To have with my coffee on Sunday morning while I watch the rain come down
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