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  • Banana Queen

    Looking for info for this cultivar. 'Banana Queen'. Thanks.

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    Here's a link to some information Bass has about "Banana"... http://www.treesofjoy.com/fig-varieties-collection
    I couldn't find anything on Banana Queen...
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      Thanks. Banana Queen sold in Japan... fruit can get up to 300g.. but I couldn't find anything about it online.


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        Photo of Banana Queen
        You may only view thumbnails in this gallery. This gallery has 1 photos.


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          Notice it says Longue d'aout in the text? Perhaps just another rename like Fantasia which is Scott's Black. Longue d'aout is a big fig that is stretched out like that pic.

          Rough translation of the text probably with some errors :

          Long white fig Banana Queen came from Hananakuiso France was introduced from France Tudo (Longue d 'aout) that has been referred to as the Banane "an alias in varieties harvest first crop is late June-mid-July and O out consists of a large fruit also Maihate has a rich flavor in late August to October, and is also available creamy taste eaten every skin is characterized in each volume
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