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  • Keeping Good Fig Records for 2016

    I'm an accountant, so naturally keeping detailed/accurate records is what I do. In my signature, you'll see the spreadsheet I've created. So far I've got 3 categories... bud break, breba & main dates.

    My question... what are some other important things you guys wish you kept track of throughout the growing season?

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    I added a column for zone since I'm doing a combination of in-ground and potted. As a researcher, that seems to be one of the main variables I'd alter if I didn't get my desired results. I'm also finding that there are conflicting zone recommendations out there so I need to see for myself if things will really be okay outdoors with winter cover.
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      Some possibilities:

      Hardiness/zone, flavor description/rating, productivity (how many fruit), tree age/birth date, fruit and leaf pictures, where you got the cuttings/plant, Additional comments.
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        Openness of the ostiole is a big one.

        Maybe do a rating system from 1 - 10 regarding things like rain tolerance and splitting resistance.

        Figs varieties can be categorized based on their "character" or "type." For instance, there are the "Blackberry", "Honey", and "Adriatic" types to name a few. But some people have different ideas of what those types are and how varieties fall into those categories. It might be good to research that a bit and see what you think. I recognize that these categories may have loose borders and there might not be a simple classification for some cultivars.

        Think about how detailed you want to get. I think there's value in describing the shape of the leaves, the fruit, and the overall growth habit of the tree (whether it's a dwarf variety or has a tendency to bush out.)

        For people with dentures or just sensitive mouths, maybe descriptors about skin thickness and either a noticeability factor or some kind of scale regarding a variety's relative amount of seeds per fruit.

        I think it's also important to include information about the fertilizer, the feeding/watering schedule, whether the tree is in-ground or in a container, how much sun a certain tree gets, the temperature changes/averages/extremes throughout the year, the amount of rainfall during various periods throughout the year, etc.

        I know you just acquired a lot of cuttings so maybe consider making a spreadsheet for your propagation experience. I think it'd be interesting to see columns regarding the overall method, humidity percentages, light amounts, water amounts and frequency of application, the growing medium, additional chemicals (rooting hormone), the average and extreme temperatures, etc.
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          I would add breba start/ end, main start/end. I noticed that it takes different times for different varieties to ripen. The location and amount of sun are the big items to watch for for sure but the variety itself matters too ( Black Madeira vs. Celeste, for example ).
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            a. The source of the plant or cuttings (vendor or trade)...
            b. Note of any visible signs and severity of FMD...
            c. Container size or in ground...

            I shared and modified my spreadsheet list at, http://figs4funforum.websitetoolbox.com/post?id=6530525
            Good Luck.
            Pete R - Hudson Valley, NY - zone 5b


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              I like to keep things about as simple as you have it. I've found it useful to know only generally when the bulk of the trees break bud, whether in pot or in ground, but not tree by tree.

              I do note whether or not each tree is in pot or in ground, which correlates to ripening dates, also ground versus pot bud break generally.

              Last year I listed age of tree additionally but scarcely ever had cause to return to it, so will probably drop that item in the future.

              Breba and main crop first ripening dates, in ground or in pot. The most productive cultivars are fairly easy to recall to note on a separate list.
              Tony WV 6b


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                I think it's useful to note when something was potted into its current pot size, so you know how long it's been in that pot and whether you should check to see if it needs root pruning or potting up.
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                  I know a guy that make belle book keeping,sentimental wonderful tings keep you notes in......is old school digital....😝
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                    Hand tooled leather did you do that yourself Mike?

                  • Taverna78
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                    No sir Mr DBJohnson make for me by hand. The photo give tis no justice. Is unreal, belle outstanding craftsmanship and something I will have forever.

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                  A database will end up being easier to use in the long run.
                  Bob C.
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                    Good post I have a book that I keep all my info and then I got to thinking I wonder if there is some sort of gardening app out there to keep track of all my trees and I found these 2 and they both are available for iphone and Android as well as ipads and PC's

                    I really like this first one with this app you could make a plant tags with a photo of each of your trees when you tap on the plant tag all of the information would be there The site for this app is fairly new when you go on there you click on Help and it shows you how to use the app http://www.gardenorganizer.net/support.html
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	planttag.jpg
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                    The 2nd app that I found is for Orchids pretty much the same principal a photo of each tree and when you click on it you can put on all the info about each individual tree http://andrewnicolle.com/all_apps/orchidalbum Click image for larger version

Name:	Untitled.jpg
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                    If you do check out these apps it's better to click the link and go into itunes to find out the info on each one and if anyone knows of a better app please post it
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                      Awesome, Dave! I've picked up the Garden Organizer app...looking forward to playing with it and my plants later today.

                    • Dave
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                      Great I am glad you liked it I've been searching the internet for other possibilities but I think the garden organizer app is the best I've seen simple and straight forward I'll be down loading it myself Let me know how you like it?

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                    I agree that a database will be most useful in the long run. Data can be sorted, manipulated and then analyzed by different variable combinations. Being able to grow and analyze your collection within your database will prove the most advantageous, in my opinion.


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                      There's a lot of people posting fig pics, which is fantastic to see. Just wanted to bump this to encourage keeping good records as well.
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                        I have the age of the tree, if it was a TC, rooted cutting or air layer. My source with original source as far back as I can get the info on. A description of the ripe coloration including the interior (I travel, this is to help my wife). The flavor group, type of crop (Biferous or not). Date figs appear, date they start to ripen. I have a tab on the excel spread sheet for every year so that I can track my collection and the data points that track thus far.
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                          Scott you left no stone unturned did you ever think about finger printing the leaves? Or possibly implanting a chip encase one gets lost or stolen???