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  • Does this count as shade, partial shade, or full sun?

    So, last fall I picked up this little greenhouse for $50 on clearance at Tractor Supply and set it up today. I plan to start the shuffle tomorrow but was wondering if this would be considered shade, partial shade, or full sun? It's basically 1/2" mesh with laminated in flexible green-tinted plastic. I do have a shade cloth I'm thinking about putting over the top of need be.
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    It count as trees getting good light but no indirect rays... Is like sun screen... They'll get nice tan without the burnt πŸ˜‰

    You grass is green.... Nature is waking by you. I would no another layer. Use tis GH as protection from cold days otherwise get you trees in da sun!
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      It counts as partial sun and there should be info from the manufacturer as to how much sun it lets in or what % shade the material is. No matter what that number it's going to be hot in there and the number of hours of sun counts for a lot as well. A fan, a doorway on the other side and side vents are going to be important.
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      • don_sanders
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        How hot do you think it might get in there on say a sunny 60-70F day without venting?

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      Fabio--my grass is not yet awake...but my weeds are green. Before today, the high this week has only been in the upper 40s, but we have about 10 days in the forecast of 60s-70s for the highs.

      Bob--I looked through the box and the only things in there were the (well-written and illustrated) instructions for putting it together and a card saying to not take it back to the store if there's a problem. There is another door on the other end and a vent screen above each door. For the next 4 or 5 days I'll be moving my office to the porch, too, so I can enjoy the weather and monitor the plants.
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      • veggie_girl
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        That's what I like to do on nice days as well.

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      I moved my make shift greenhouse out today too. It's a similar 6x6' cheap model. I think it blocked about 30% off the sunlight when I tested it with my cheap moisture / light meter last year.

      It doesn't seem to hold any heat at night. Going to test a heat lamp in there to see what happens at night.

      I'm wondering how much it might heat up during the days. Might open the front door on it on the days it gets up to 70F+. Today, it only got up to about 60-65F on a 45F day.

      I'm sure I'll have to shuffle them back in if the heat lamp doesn't help but it's exciting to get them out. They were starting to break bud anyway. πŸ˜€
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      • DBJohnson
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        I think I'm going to put a Couple of 35g trash cans full of water in there to act as a thermal mass to even out the highs and lows.