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  • Same variety- Several trees?

    Which variety of fig do you like so much you grow several trees of it? Why? Perhaps it's not as productive as others?
    I need to whittle down my duplicate/back up trees and am wondering which ones I will want several of. Last year was a first year for most of them, so they may improve with age.
    So far for me, I'm keeping two or more of I-258, Ronde de Bordeaux and Violette de Bordeaux for sure.
    Mara, Southern California,
    Climate Zone: 1990=9b 2012= 10a 2020=?

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    Too soon to tell for me as I started collecting last spring. Will let you know later.
    Jerry, Canyon Lake TX 8b


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      That's a tough one, my favorite might your least favorite.

      Only you can truly answer your question, and that answer can and will change from year to year.
      Scott - Colorado Springs, CO - Zone 4/5 (Depending on the year) - Elevation 6266ft

      “Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple.” – Bill Mollison


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        Those sound like good ones to keep as they are in many people's top 5 or 10.

        I agree with Scott, flavor is subjective.

        It all depends on what you like. For me, I'd like to keep a couple figs in the various flavor groups (sugar, honey, berry, etc.).

        Good Luck in your decision.
        Kevin (Eastern MA - Zone 5b/6a)


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          Hi, Mara!
          This is a great question. Although everybody's taste varies, it's great to know if there is a general consensus as to which is most preferred. But this could get messy...so many variables, right?
          I just started collecting figs last year and I've only tried a few store-bought varieties. I have tasted a couple of different types outside of the store. I guess I have to say that between fruiting three that I have at my home now...I enjoy Janice seedless. It's not a fancy variety but it is very, very good. I'll have to wait on the rest. I am REALLY looking forward to the I-258 and Kathleen black Thank you!


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            I like it,no need to think, just go out and count!
            7 Preto,1 in ground,6 in #15's
            6 Strawberry Verte,2 in ground,4 in #15's.

            Why so many?The wife and her friends love the SV,she claimed the first tree as hers,so if I wanted quantity I had to plant more.
            The Preto?You just can't have enough of these IMO.A huge plus on both of these is that they are thick skinned figs which hold up well
            in my SoCa,interior valley heat,drying down on the tree nicely.

            Paul Robert,Simi Valley,Ca. 9b


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              So far for me;
              RdB (3) because it is early, delicious, productive, and has a great breba crop.
              Pastiliere (2) very early and tasty
              Lampeira (Prusch) (2) Great, large size, amazing brebas
              Italian 258 (3) a nearly perfect fig
              CdD (4) cannot have too many
              Preto (2) also, a nearly perfect fig
              Gary USDA 9A
              Sebastopol, CA


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                Well, let's see.
                I have 2 DKs from two different sources, whichever is the winner I well keep but I won't know for a couple years.

                I have 2 Navid's UDG. I started an extra last year from a single cutting I took, so good but it takes a few years to express.

                I have 2 RdBs. One will be going in the ground at our new place an be trialed as a step-over. It ripens so early it would be great to have one in ground. The one in the pot I will keep because it sets delicious brebas and still has ample time to ripen it's first main crop. Actually, for my area it seems by leaving the breba crop the second main crop that used to form but never quite ripen now has fallen a bit behind and leans more toward being a larger breba crop for the next spring.

                I have 2 Black Madeira KK. Even though they are pretty healthy they still grow very slow for me. So I have one I am growing as is and another I keep small and use for scion to try and graft to a vigorous stock. So far no luck on the grafting, I went 0/3 last year using 2 methods, but in my defense I recycled the 2 chip buds from the failed but not desicated whip-tongue graft attempt.

                I have many trees which are different varieties but mostly the same.
                -Petite Negra and VdB, so far PN is still much better but it is an older tree; out of reputation I am willing to give my VdB two more years to shape up or it will ship out. Oh, I have Vista too but it is still small and didn't grow much last year.

                -Hardy Chicago and Sal's El. HC is my work horse and also one of my older trees. Sal's El is a youngster and last year was it's first year fruiting, the dozen or so figs it gave up were really good, I would dare to say a smidge better than HC. So who knows what will happen there.

                - I had 2 JH Adriatic but just gave one to family friends. They will be starting their 3rd leaf, I'm hoping this year they put out something good. I gave up the extra as part of the culling I am doing for those amongst me who don't share my vision.

                - I have Acciano and Aldo's, jury is still out about how much the same they are. I recently was given and Aldo's by someone great. If Aldo's is close to the same, I will likely keep them both. Delicious, refreshing, and different than my other figs.
                Calvin, Wish list is to finish working on the new house, someday.
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                  Right now I have and am intending to keep:
                  2 RdBs (holding onto a spare air layer from last year because the first tree is still smallish and I want more of this variety!)
                  2 Panache (one of my favorites)
                  2 VdB
                  2 Smith
                  4 CdDBs recently rooted (thinking of keeping 2 or 3 because they're so delicious) and 1 each in noir and gris
                  2 Nero 600m (different sources)

                  If I had them, I'd keep two I-258's. I haven't gotten a Galicia Negra cutting to successfully pot up yet but if I were fortunate to have one or two, I'd keep as many as I could get growing. I have multiple Rob's Genovese Nero in 1-gal or 5-gal now but I will probably only keep one to prioritize the others.
                  Bay Area, CA (zone: 9B)


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                    I'm with the group that prefers the berry flavored cultivars although I've been collecting cultivars from the five Flavor Groups.

                    So far the cultivars that I will continue to maintain multiples are;
                    1. VdB (Berry)
                    2. LSU Champagne (Honey).
                    3. Unknown NolaDark (Berry)
                    4. Unknown BryantDark Berry)
                    5. LSU Improved Celeste (Sugar)
                    Pete R - Hudson Valley, NY - zone 5b


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                      Thanks everyone for your responses. There are some new ones to dream about: Navid's UDG Unknown, NolaDark, Unknown BryantDark Nero 600m, Janice Seedless, Acciano, Aldo's, Petite Negra, Vista, Lampeira (Prusch) and Pastiliere.

                      Yes, Paul/Tyro. I really liked Strawberry Verte last year and will be keeping one in the ground and one moved up to a 15 gallon pot. Also I'm keeping both Figo Pretos. The one fruit produced last year on the first year trees wasn’t remarkable, but if it’s the same as Black Maderia it’s worth waiting for. The trees stay small and so are easier to squeeze into a packed landscape.

                      Gary, my CdDs were too young to produce good fruit last year, except the CdDN (very good). They all are keepers for now. I have high hopes for the CdDB.

                      Calvin, Unknown Owensboro is supposed to be the same/almost the same as Sals EL. My first year UO trees produced figs that improved in taste over the season (even through December) and were so abundant over time that I think one would be enough. Just in case, I’ll hold onto one of the extras for this year. My Vista cuttings didn’t make it last year, but I have Maltese Falcon which I hope lives up to its “Improved Mission” reputation and perhaps will be better than Vista.

                      SmyFigs, I’m glad your cuttings are doing well for you. I-258 is among the "as good as it gets” figs. Everyone who has tried Janice Seedless has liked it.

                      Sarah, my two Smiths from different sources were too little to produce fruit last year but they both sound like keepers too. Panache was good last year but I-258 was better to my taste buds.

                      Pete, that’s a nice flavor collection. I have a few new honey flavored figs so will see which are the best for me. My Pete’s Honey was good last year.
                      Mara, Southern California,
                      Climate Zone: 1990=9b 2012= 10a 2020=?


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                        If you want a Lampeira, hit me up in a month or two. I've got 12+ newly rooted cuttings.

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                      Yeah if guys want to get rid of extra's I'll take them! I'm drooling reading this thread! Really Whatever you want, and I don't have it.


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                        Granthams Royal