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  • Buckets

    I ran accross this site while searching for 80 pots to plant fig seedlings.

    I remembered some of you all ask about buckets for sips.

    Jerry, Canyon Lake TX 8b

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    Thanks! The icing buckets from grocery/bakery stores are 2g (round) and 4g (square and round). I'll check out Firehouse Subs this wknd.
    Bryant...Franklin County, VA...Zone 7a. Wish List: a 32 hour day....more sleep


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      Buckets are great! Im getting ready to plant my tomatoe seedlings into hanging bucket planters. They are sturdy, inexpensive & have a nice handle by which to hang them. At $3 each, its a no brainer. I am also going to up pot some of my cuttings into buckets. Im using a double bucket system for my figs. Here's anice way to cover a typical bucket if you want to give them anicer look. http://www.dumpaday.com/wp-content/u...rs-barrels.jpg
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