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  • Yikes! Flooded a plant! What should I do?

    OK, so I have moved my plants out to the greenhouse over the past few days. Found the spigot was busted and plumber was here fixing it. Once fixed, I started the hose filling the black barrels for thermal mass. Got distracted with a call from work and the barrel overflowed...right into my Nero600. It is a plant rather than a newly rooted cutting and is in a 1g pot. Drainage is good enough that I didn't lose any growing medium, but this thing is saturated.

    I'm considering quickly building a 5g SIP to up-pot it and get it into some drier medium. For now I've moved it to a dry area where it will get some warmth and hopefully some evaporation.

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    If you're concerned that your medium is too saturated, you can use some newspaper (paper towels, rags, etc) to wick some moisture away. Figs are pretty tough. It'll probably be ok.
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    If it's well established and leafing out, it would probably be fine either way. As long as it isn't chronic over watering, I haven't been able to over water my established figs.
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      Good to know. Thanks! It is established and leafing nicely in the warmth of the greenhouse.

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    If the root ball is intact just remove it from the pot and let it air for 24 hours. It will be good as new


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    Good advice. I have done both, wicked away on a folded towel and taken out of pot and let air dry for awhile
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      I think it will be fine. If you twist and push a piece of paper towel an inch or two up in to one of the bottom drain holes then set it on a brick so the paper towel hangs down on the ground the excess water will be gone in just a couple hours. The magic of capillary action.
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