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  • Rafaelissimmo

    Thank you for this. As always, we appreciate your efforts and kindnesses.

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  • Kelby
    Feel free to have discussions on the fig variety threads I've been posting or to start your own!

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  • eboone
    I was surprised how many people had just posted responses and comments there, apparently not having read the instructions in the sticky note.

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  • Members whose posts (comments) I deleted from the Varieties List in the Subforum

    I apologize, you were not being singled out.
    My apologies also to members that received PM's from me asking them to please read the Sticky at the top of the Varieties List, http://www.ourfigs.com/forum/variety...sting#post3496

    The policy has simply changed, to kinder and gentler.

    All the posts that are off topic, will now be relocated to the Main Fig Forum under the appropriate Cultivar Title, for Comment and continued Discussions. This will be performed on a regular schedule depending on the quantity of off topic posts. Your subscriptions will automatically notify you of the new topics when they are created.