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  • When Should I take my Fig Trees out of Storage?

    When Should I take my Fig Trees out of Storage? And put them outside?
    Zone 6a Orange County NY

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    If you want to shuffle them back and forth, any time above 45-50 is good.

    If you only want to move them once, wait until after your last chance of frost.

    If they have started budding in dark storage, you'll get weird lanky growth that would need to be hardened off to sunlight or pruned off which would set you back a few weeks.

    I started taking mine out already but it looks like there will be some cold days next week so I'll have to bring them back in a few times.
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    • pacifica
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      Hi Don, may I ask what is the procedures to move the young fig tree (potted in 1 gal) from the garage to outside with sunlight only to avoid leaves to be wilted as I found few of my fig babies are having this problem and resulted one or two leaves dropped from each plant. Thanks

    • don_sanders
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      Assuming moisture and temps are good, you have to acclimate them to full sun slowly.

      How slowly depends on how strong your sun is and where they came from.

      I generally take about a week or two starting at full shade on my porch and increase the sunlight a little each day until they are in full sun. A north side of a house works well too.

    • pacifica
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      The sunlight here in B.C. Canada in winter time is not very strong plus we might have only 1 or 2 days in a week to have sunlight for 3 to 4 hours. They were pretty healthy right from the beginning or even 1 week after I brought them outside to enjoy sunlight, then the last week, some leaves started to be become wilted and dropped. I did not bring them outside for about 5 days from last week and hope that they can back to healthy status. Should I give them some 10-10-10 fertilizer (solid) for now ?

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    Any day that is nice, I put the fig trailer out on to the driveway. In my climate they come in every night until we start getting into May.
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