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  • How to prune White Genoa.

    Is anybody growing White Genoa in container in zone 6A or so ? White Genoa sets fruit on new wood/ branches, so I red and that is what she did last season. On my WG I have about 5 old branches and on each branch is 8, 11 nodes, how many nodes should I leave ? My WG starts 4rth season now. Thanks.

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      A picture would be helpful in answering your question.
      It depends on whether your branches are main, scaffold or fruiting branches...

      If they are scaffold branches then just the top 2 nodes are pruned off to remove apical dominance and induce multiple fruiting branches.
      If they are fruiting branches then they are pruned back to 2 nodes from the main or scaffold branches, but only 1 (of 2 resulting buds) is allowed to grow out. They will then grow out and produce figs at each leaf node. Attached is a simple line drawing of fig pruning.
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        Hi Pete Thanks for your reply, good picture I try mt best