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  • Inground covered tree has a litle bit of mildew but branches are visibly green

    Hello there.

    One of my smaller trees succumbed to mildew completely because I may have wrapped it too tight even though the top was left open with a bucket. That tree was the one I had a problem with last year when I planted it and it never grew much at all throughout the summer unlike the other. If there was one that I would have worried about not making it through the winter it was that one.

    Anyway, the kadota that is in the ground is the one I'm concerned with. When I pulled off the wrapping last week to check all of the trees, it had a little bit of mildew that I cleaned off. Unlike the other one that was completely rotted, the branches had green throughout on the outside so I'm hoping it will suffer minimal dieback. Unlike my two large trees though, it doesn't have any green buds on it. There's only reddish buds on some of the branches.

    When mildew is discovered, is the tree completely screwed or can it be saved from complete dieback if caught early enough while dormant?

    i re-wrapped all of the trees making sure there's no moisture underneath as the temperatures will drop again, as expected. Out of 5, one was completely shot. I'm hoping this one makes it through okay. I also transplanted a small kadota that I dug up and planted in a sunnier spot in the yard. That one was green and had buds so I hope it makes it through the transplant. I put a gallon of diluted Superthrive and it's been re-wrapped as well.

    any advice is appreciated. Thanks!